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Pros Of Micheal Ignatieff

Some of the pros Micheal Ignatieff and the Liberal Party

Roger Ragoonath

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Pros Of Micheal Ignatieff

Pros Of Michael
Ignatieff Michael Ignateiff is the leader of the Liberal Party And he has many pros to improve Cananda and our economy. Michael's Promises One of the pro to
electing Michael Ignateiff
is he will reduce the registry
of guns. This will help reduce the
number of deaths caused by guns Another pro to electing the Michael Ignatieff
is he will give 1 billion dollars
to caregivers such as doctors. This will be helpful to the
paitents and the everyday
person beacuse it will
improve their healthcare Something else about the Liberal Party is there education promise! Table Of Contents Gun Registry Health Care 1. 2. Education 3. 4. Environment You can say Michael Ignatieff
loves the environment. He promises to give 1 billion dollars to new developments in renewable energy! The Liberal Party along with Michael will give 1 billion doallars to high school students trying to get into universities. This will help students by giving them more of a chance to go to a university and get a better education! This will be fantastic for our planet
by not polluting it with chemical or nuclear
energy! You may have seen bias commercials of Michael Ignattieff. Such as the on below. Here are some of the
pros to electing Michael Ignateiff
for the Prime Minister of Canada In Conclusion Also, just because the Conservative party says Michael Ignattieffwon't be a good prime minister, doesn't mean he won't be a good prime minister. Michael Ignatieff has many postive goals to make Canada a better country! Thanks for watching my prezi! By. Roger
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