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Relay For Life - Overview

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Janine Pecholt

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Relay For Life - Overview

Canada - 485
Guatemala - 1
Jamaica - 2
Honduras - 1
Portugal - 4
Ireland - 2
United Kingdom - 70
France - 7
Zambia - 1
South Africa - 57
Australia - 199
New Zealand - 16
Malaysia - 2
Philippines - 1
Japan - 20
Germany - 2
Belgium - 3
Luxembourg 1
Denmark - 9
Netherlands - 10
America - 5200
Kenya - 1
The most northern community in the world – Alert, Nunavut, Canada. A shot of the inaugural lap in the -20°C air!
Tacoma 1985
Mount Everest
14 years strong
$8.4 million in FY2011-12
63 Relays
53,000 participants
6,000 teams
2,290 Survivors
$1.18 per capita

2012/2013 was a HUGE year in NSW
Gordon Ramsay Celebrety Chef from Kitchen Nightmares and staff and volunteers from the Relay For Life of Norwalk, OH walked the track to raise awareness for the American Cancer Society.
or shine
Come rain,
2,290 Survivors and thousands of carers
It is owned by the community

153 full time positions
In the financial year 2010/2011 over 32,000 volunteers supported CCNSW
3,000 registered volunteers
250,000 hours
Estimated value of $6.5 million
A cancer survivor is the guest of honour (VIP) at every Relay
Anyone who has taken care of a cancer patient is considered a carer.
Carers are a major part of Relay events and are also honoured for their support during the opening lap.
Games / Activities / Onsite Fundraising
What makes Relay unique are the Ceremonies
Candle Light Ceremoney
The Opening Ceremony
To date $4.5 billion has been fundraised for the American Cancer Society through Relay For Life.
Celebrate - Local survivors and carers are invited to walk the first lap of the track while the rest of us cheer them on.
Remember - The Candlelight Ceremony of HOPE is held at dusk to Remember those lost to cancer. Candles are placed in paper bags lovingly inscribed with messages from family and friends. These candles are placed around the track to encourage us all to remember those who lost the fight and be inspired to keep going.
Relay For Life continues to grow......
At 23, Kyle was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The day that Kyle was released from the hospital, his doctor commended him on how quickly he recovered because of his dedication to eating healthy, being active and always keeping a positive outlook on life.

A special moment when his family got to watch Kyle, lead the warm-up in front of the crowd in Waterdown for Relay For Life.”
Ontario, Canada
Relays big and small, hope just keeps growing.
On the same day in the most southern community, the Casey Station's Australian research team Relayed in temperatues of -16.5 degrees, 18 hours of darkness and raised $11,345 for Cancer Council Tasmania.

Casey Station Antarctica
A true Relayer will let nothing get in their way, not even a Wedding.
Relay For Life held right in the heart of Paris, France at the Eiffel Tower!

Relayers walk the track ...
Relaying Big?
ACS Celebrating 100 years
May 2012
"Despite their very difficult conditions, people in Fukushima never lose hope and never stop Relaying." ~ Yoko Goshu, Japan Cancer Society.
Despite the catastrophic earthquake that struck Fukushima in 2011, this did not stop more than 1300 Relayers attending Relay For Life and raising $40,000. Although the radiation levels were considered to be safe, the Relay was held inside a gymnasium.
The Closing Ceremony
Fight Back! - A special Fight Back Ceremony is held where participants are invited to make a personal pledge on how they will make a change to fight cancer.
Relay For Life is an overnight, community event where teams of 10-15 participate in a relay-style walk or run to raise funds for Cancer Council.
The event brings the whole community together for a night of fun, entertainment, celebration and remembrance.
Each Relay For Life event is organised by a local volunteer organising committee on behalf of Cancer Council.
In NSW around 53 000 people each year take part in 63 Relay For Life events. The event is not just about the amazing experience of spending the weekend with people from your local community. It's also about the fun ways your team can raise money in the lead up to the day. Relays are truly amazing occasions where tears are shed, hopes are raised, fun is had and friendships are forged.
But most importantly ....
Who will you Relay for?
World First – Global Twin Relays

Inner West and Zambia
13th-14th October 2012

In Victoria, the former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, seen here launching a new event at Point Cook.
We had our biggest and highest profile supporter, the former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd and Justine Elliott, Minister for Ageing get behind Relay and put in a team at the Tweed Valley Relay For Life in Northern NSW.
Twenty-eight years ago, Dr. Gordy Klatt, a colorectal surgeon and American Cancer Society volunteer in Tacoma, Washington, USA, decided to try a unique way to raise money: He got his friends to upport him as he ran and walked around a track for 24 hours. That day, Klatt raised $27,000 USD to help honor and support the patients he saw every day. What he didn’t realize at the time is that he was laying the groundwork for a global movement to help end cancer – Relay For Life.

Relay For Life movement has become the largest and most successful community fundraising activity in the world, with 4 million participants in 6,000 communities across 22 countries who help raise more than $470 million USD every year. And we grow even more every year. We walk together so we can celebrate more birthdays in the year ahead.
Michael Grayling is known for his passion for the Relay movement. At age 23, Grayling was diagnosed with testicular cancer and told he had six weeks to live. Now, at age 54, he has participated in more than 360 Relay For Life events in Australia. At each event, he not only runs around the track, but also brings his Fight Back Van, filled with ways to help participants learn how to fight back against this terrible disease.
*Global event numbers do not include the United States.
Income and Growth - Global Events
23 countries hosted Relay events
950 global Relay events
$90 million USD in gross income raised
39,000 global Relay teams
496,000 global Relay participants
$180 USD raised per team member on average
63,000 survivors participating globally
India - 1

Relay Wedding
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