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St. Thomas Aquinas' 5 Proofs for the Existence of God

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Amanda Bell

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of St. Thomas Aquinas' 5 Proofs for the Existence of God

St. Thomas Aquinas' 5 Proofs for the Existence of God
Who was St. Thomas Aquinas?
Great thinker during the middle ages
Most known for his writing. _Summa Theolgica_
Another of his great contributions is the 5 Proofs for the Existence of God
First Proof: Unmoved Mover
The universe constantly moves, and because everything continuously moves and changes human beings can logically see the need for a First Mover who set everything in motion and guides the actions of humanity.
The First Mover is God.

Second Proof: First Efficient Cause
By reflecting on the cycle of life, we realize that all things are caused by something else. We equally realize that nothing can create itself. Therefore, common sense tells us there is an Ultimate Cause, or First Efficient Cause, which is uncaused, or not created by something else.
This uncaused First Cause is God.

Third Proof: Contingency
The universe contains many contingent things, things that came into existence because of something else.
If everything were contingent, there would have to be a time where nothing would exist.
This point in time would have been in the past, but things do exist. IF they exist, they cannot exist without a Necessary Being. A Necessary Being is one who creates but is not created.
That Necessary Being is God.

Fourth Proof: Perfection
Most of us point out the imperfections of the world and humanity. In naming imperfections we acknowledge there are varying degrees of beauty, goodness, and knowledge. The question becomes: “How do we know perfect beauty, goodness, and knowledge?”
We know perfection because there is one all perfect being, God, who sets the infinite standard for beauty, goodness, and knowledge; wisdom and truth.
Fifth Proof: Intelligent Designer
There is perfect order in the world.
There are things in this universe that on their own have no intelligence, but regardless of this lack still act towards and achieve their end.
They, then, must have something that does have an intelligence and knowledge of their end and direct all things to that end. This something is an Intelligent Designer.
The Intelligent Designer is God.
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