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BUSI 2405 Lecture 12 - JIT/Lean

No description

Brad Anderson

on 23 March 2017

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Transcript of BUSI 2405 Lecture 12 - JIT/Lean

Just-in-Time/Lean Systems
Brad Anderson
What does control mean?
What is the main purpose of JIT/Lean systems?
Goals of JIT/Lean
Balanced, rapid flow
Elimination of waste
Continuous improvement

Achieved by
Product design
Balancing workflows
Small lot sizes
Worker empowerment
Tight supply chain management
Preventative maintenance
& 5S housekeeping
Value-stream mapping
Line balancing
Level loading
What is it?
Review chpt 6
Review chpt 4
Work through Q1, pg 628
What is it?
Rules of kanban
All parts containers have a kanban card
You cannot use parts containers without posting a kanban
Posted kanban signals preparation of another container of parts
Same number of parts in each container
Only non-defective parts
Posted kanban card placed on container, and container placed on parts shelf
But ... remind me about EOQ
Does JIT ignore EOQ?
Review chpt 9 & 10
What are some quality tools they introduce in this chapter?
Why the emphasis on small batch sizes?
Number of Kanbans =
Demand during lead time + Safety Stock
Size of container
Review chpt 11
Review chpt 12
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