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Artefact & Natural selection

No description

Leigh McDermott

on 16 January 2017

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Transcript of Artefact & Natural selection

Artefact & Natural/Social Selection Explanation for health (M1)
1)Based on the relationship between social variables & health

2) Poor health can be explained by biased statistics
1) Artefact explanation (M2)
1) NOT low social class that causes illness e.g. low life expectancy BUT illness causes low social class
2) Natural or social selection explanation (M2)
The Black Report (1980)
Ypu have now covered TWO of the four explanations for M2

Now as a group you are all going to do the D1 evaluation section for the first two explanations

Ass = Outline the explanation for M2
Consider: The lowest social classes are made up of these groups:
In terms of illness:
1) Looking at the groups above describe what other reason may be behind the findings?

2) How does this make the statistics biased?
Ass = Outline the explanation for M2
Is Social class & health then related?
Health determines social class (Health mobility)
healthy are more likely to move up the social hierarchy
unhealthy move down the hierarchy
2) Low social class is because of poor health, poor work record & lack of energy for success & promotion
Key point!!!
1)Does ill health come from being poor

2) Or does being poor lead to ill health?
discuss this and use your findings to add to your explanation
This report stated that there were vast differences between health & social class.

Due to this the government at the time tried to suppress its publication!!!!!
The report looked at the idea that social class determines your health. The rport then:
1)Looked at causes for ill health
2)Aimed to link factors together
Overall they found a difference in health based on
quality of housing
working environment
Summarise & explain this in your own words
Key point!!!
Artefact Evaluation
Discuss the ideas and aim to come up with linked ideas of possible strengths & weaknesses of the explanations
1. Artefact gives a solid explanation of reasons for illness e.g older people vs. younger people

2. Figures in the data are skewed/biased - explain why - think who is in low social class - immigrants/young people/older people

3. Only certain groups are included in the data - whats worng with this

4. We have high unemployment & good levels of immigration

UK celebrates as male mortality rate declines!
Example of biased statistics & biased reporting
Natural Selection
1. Creates effective links between income & health

2. Does not factor in other explanations - reductionist?

3 Uses norms/values as an explanation e.g. lack of motivation or lack of education - why is this a good thing?

4. People can be born with ill health

5. People born in deprived areas can still achieve e.g. Alan Suger
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