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About Steven Paul Jobs

No description

Library Media

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of About Steven Paul Jobs

Middle Life
Late Life
By 1996 he became a billionaire! Steven returned to Apple and helped the company become successful again. They developed the iMac,iTunes,iPod,iPhone and iPad
Steven grew up in Mountain View, CA with his adoptive parents and little sister. He loved to take apart and rebuild electronics with his dad in the garage. In elementary school he was bored.In 4TH grade he took a test that showed he performed on a 10TH grade level! He graduated from high school and went to Reed Collage in Oregon. He dropped out of collage after 6 months. He took a job at Atari that made some of the first video games. His friend was working there too! After awhile Steve thought they should leave Atari and start their own company.
About Steven Paul Jobs
Early Life
In 1976 they started Apple computers in Steven's parent's garage. They built a sample computer and they named it Apple after their favorite fruit. The first Apple computer cost $500. It did not have a monitor,keyboard or a case,so they decided to make a better model. The Apple II had color,sound and crisp graphics. By 1978 their company was making money and growing! He became a millionaire at 25! In 1984 Steven introduced the Macintosh computer,and thought it was "insanely great", but was not a big hit. He became unhappy and left Apple to start a new computer company called NeXT. That company was not successful. After that he became the head of a very successful company at Pixar Animation Studios.
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