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The New Kingdom

No description

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of The New Kingdom

The New Kingdom
Ahmose's rise to power marked the beginning of Egypt's 18th Dynasty.

NEW EGYPT- the period during which Egypt reached the height of its power and glory.

The New Kingdom lasted from 1550 BC to 1050 BC
Ahmose of the 18th Dynasty
In the process of preparing, these leaders turned Egypt into an empire.
The Egyptians feared another invasion, to prevent such invasions they decided to take control of all possible invasion routes into the kingdom.
Egypt's first target was the homeland of the Hyksos.
After conquering the Hyksos, the army continued north and conquered Syria.
Egypt had taken over the entire eastern shore of the Mediterranean. It had also defeated the kingdom of Kush, south of Egypt.
By 1400s BC, Egypt was the leading military power in the region. Its empire extended from the Euphrates River to southern Nubia.
Military conquests made Egypt rich.
The kingdom of Kush sent annual payments of gold and precious stones to the pharaohs of Egypt. The Assyrian, Babylonian, and Hittite kings also sent Egypt expensive gifts.
One ruler who worked to increase Egyptian trade was Queen Hatsheput.
Hatshepsut and later pharaohs used the wealth from trade to supprt the arts and architecture of Egypt.
Hatshepsut is remembered for the many impressive monuments and temples built during her riegn.
Egypt's military did not go unchalleged.
In the 1200 BC the pharaoh Ramses II, fought the Hittites, a group from Asia Minor.
Neither could defeat the other, so eventually they became allies.
Ramses faced threats in other parts f the empire as well. To the west, a people known as the Tehenu invaded the Nile Delta. Ramses fought them off and built a series of forts to strengthen the western frontier.

Soon after Ramses the Great died, invaders called the Sea Peoples sailed into southwest Asia. They were strong warriors who had crusehd the Hittites and destroyed cities in southwest Asia.

Egypt survied the Sea Peoples attacks after 50 years, but its empire in Asia was gone.

Shortly after the invasions, the New Kingdom came to an end.
Egypt once again fell into a period of violence and disorder.
Egypt would never agian regain its power.
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