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Welcome to the 2015-2016 School year!!

No description

Samantha Hamilton

on 26 July 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to the 2015-2016 School year!!

Four types of schools
A - Charles Darwin
Welcome to the 2015-2016 School year!!
Bad class/Bad kids -
Professionalism (Ex. Starbucks, Chic-fil-a)
Beliefs follow behaviors - we move kids forward, but is that enough?
Believe our kids CAN
We have NO business identifying kids potential - "That kid will NEVER make it!"
Hold our kids to acceptable standards (some we would be able to meet as adults :)
The consequence for not doing the work..is doing the work. (ex. chores at home)
Culture changes from the inside out - if you're waiting for our community to value education...it's gonna be a while
PLC - Collaboration Time
PLC's are not designed to add to what you are already doing, they're deigned to change what you're doing.
We believe that all kids can learn at high levels.
What does "High Levels" mean??
Standard or better than standard
We make the
collective commitment
to ensure learning occurs for every student.
Best Teacher/Worst Collaborator???
Ex. Collaboration means nothing if one teacher is going to give students a second chance to gain the knowledge and others don't-- ??? where are we at??
See handouts regarding Friday Collaboration
Mission/Vision Statements
Who was involved in making the current one?
ALL?? What does that mean?
What is our mantra/mission??
In our work with hundreds of schools, and
thousands of educators, it is more the rule
than the exception to walk in the front
doors of a school, see a mission statement
prominently displayed on a wall, and then
observe practies seemingly misaligned
with the school’s mission.
-Hierck and Williams 2013
At your tables: He CAN! What were the teacher's actions during this clip?
At your tables...make a list:
What would it LOOK like if we truly believed ALL students can learn? What would people see us doing??
We don't say, "I can't" or "they can't".....
STEM/ Inquiry Based
B-Pontius Pilot
C- Sweet and Low
D-Anne Sullivan
On a sheet of paper: Write A, B, C, or D
Crumble it up and be ready to throw!
Are we ready to do what it takes to be a "D" school???

What needs to change?

Are we REALLY prepared to change?
The Story of 5 monkeys...
In the news....
Expectations for the year
Scope and sequence for the year
Make sure it connects...be mindful of visitors and the "why".
A few tips for teachers...

Speed Dating:
Share something you learned and/or are excited about from one of your PD opportunities this summer...
A's sit and B's rotate
Info sharing...

AR requirements for this year...
Faculty meeting setup
Google Calendar
Lesson plans - planbook.com
Supervision expectations
Look over handbook
Data Notebooks
Bus Rooms
Copies/printer/copy room
Data wall
Bright Futures
Math garden and outdoor classroom
"Compass Points"
Personal Styles
We need to know who we work with....
Building focus...
Based on the surveys at the end of the year, the three things YOU asked to focus on were....
Acting - "Let's Do It"
Likes to try things, to act, and plunges in
Likes to look at the big picture, the possibilities, before acting
Likes to know that everyone's feelings have been taken into consideration, their voices have been heard before acting
Paying attention to details
Likes to know what the "who, what, where, why" before acting
Decide who you are and find your poster
"Compass Points"
1. Give at least 4 adjectives that describe the strengths of our style.
2. Give at least 4 adjectives that describe the limitations of our style.
3. What style do we find it the most difficult to work with? Why?
4. What do other people need to know about use so that we can work together more effectively?
Objectives and Grades
Find a way to post them and make them kid-friendly....Would they know them if someone asked them?
RTI in your room or as a grade level - must document!!
Homework - No grades on it!
Standards Based - Book study coming soon
(committee want to share?)
Collaboration/ Communication
Let's talk about PBIS...
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