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06.03 Protists

06.03 Biology 1

Hammad Siddiqui

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of 06.03 Protists

I am looking for a position in Lake Superior, which is the largest freshwater lake
Work Experience
Lake Hudson (provided oxygen for fish living there)
Crater Lake ( was a source of food for species surrounding the lake)
Extra Pictures
06.03 Protists
Plankton Subdivision
Found in many marine and freshwater habitats

Background (Characteristics)
Long and has an irregular shape
Can be found in snow and very cold water
Uses photosynthesis to make food
Dinoflagellates ( found in Lake Superior, Lake Hudson, and Crater Lake
Are a very beneficial type of protists
Are ancestors of plants
Provide food and oxygen for fish living around it
Pfiesteria piscicidia: A species of Dinoflagellates found off the coast of various lakes
Noctiluca scintillans: A species of dinoflagelles that feed off of plankton. They are found in shallow areas of the continetal shelf.
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