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Jessica Vealitzek

No description

Tyanna Byrne

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Jessica Vealitzek

Tyanna Byrne
Writing Style
In high school she loved writing poems, but now it's fiction.
Why did she become a writer?
She grew up with a C.P.A with the heart of literature, and a homemaker with the mind of an entrepreneur.
Where is Jessica now?
Jessica is now married and has two children.
She likes to read, run, garden, draw, take pictures, and of course write.
Works Cited
"Jessica Null Vealitzek."
Jessica Null Vealitzek RSS.
2 Oct. 2015.
Who Is Jessica Vealitzek?
Jessica was born on February 13th, 1976 in Arlington Heights, Illinois. She is now 39 years old.
Jessica Vealitzek
"My family told stories around the dinner table. I listened."
-Jessica Vealitzek
Her favorite theme to explore is people and how they change. She thinks people and endlessy facinating.
She liked to read a lot and "people watch" which made her want to write, and later on made her writing better.
She is with her family in her hometown Arlington Heights, still writing for free.
She wrote for money as an exibit writer, then a political communications director. After that she wrote in her home for free.
She sat with adults and listened to conversations. She liked to see how others lived, and that makes her a better writer.
Vealitzek, Jessica. "Interview Questions." Message to
author. 16 Oct. 2015. Email.
Jessica in Montello Wisconsin.
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