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¿Eres tú, María? episódio 3

No description

lisa cavanagh

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of ¿Eres tú, María? episódio 3

¿Eres tú, María? episódio 3
Ep. 3
At 1:30 in the afternoon, Lola arrives at the detective agency where she works. She greets Margarita, the somewhat scatterbrained secretary, and shares with Paco, her colleague, the recent events in her neighborhood. Paco reminds her strongly that this in not a paying client and she should concentrate on current clients. Later that day as she returns to her apartment, she visits with doña Lupe under the guise of being a newspaper reporter (
) and learns that María Requeña, doña Gracia's niece (
) who lives with her is missing. Lola learns that doña Gracia is a wealthy woman who keeps her money and jewels in her apartment. She has no other family except a mysterious grandson (
) named Pedro who lives in Italy.
Vocabulario - en tu cuaderno
cree h/s believes

el nieto grandson

el/la periodista newspaper reporter

el domingo pasado last Sunday

¿Robaron...? Did they steal...?
Resumen del episódio
Este episódio es muy importante. Lola explica a Paco lo que pasó en el incidente del domingo pasado. En otra escena, doña Lupe le describe a Lola el incidente en el piso de doña Gracia. Doña Lupe también le explica a Lola la historia de la familia de doña Gracia. ¿Por qué cree qué María va a recibir toda la fortuna de doña Gracia?
On your
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