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Career Project

No description

Carly Rick

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Career Project

By Carly Rick Career Presentation Mission: Personality Type: Rational- TJ Career: Ecologist Agriculture and Natural Resources Postsecondary: University of California, Santa Barbara Entrance Difficulty: Undergraduate Information: Career Pathway: Forestry and Natural Resources maintain a 4.0 GPA
never be tardy or absent
have no missing assignments
turn in quality work Academic: Athletic: Personal: I want to meet new people, and join another club
be more sympathetic towards others
avoid bad influences
stop procrastinating have better technique in swim team and improve my times
improve my mile time by at least 30 seconds are great at contingency planning operations
dedicated to their pursuit of goals
have a strong will to succeed
must research before making decisions Core Needs: Stressors: Characteristics: need to have a clear plan set in mind, with back up plans as well lack of time for planning out a situation Industry Sector: Career Pathway: California Outlook: Description: Post Secondary: UC Berkeley UC Berkeley by the Numbers Cost Entrance Difficulty: Undergraduate Information: Career Pathway: 1,900 current employment
2,200 employment in ten years
15.8% growth rate; change of 300
50 annual openings
- 30 growth
-20 replacement Programs: scientific study of relationships and interactions of biological systems
includes an introduction in biogeochemistry. Description: 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles
1,055 acres across the California Coast
Student and faculty collaborate on projects
Nobel Prizes for landmark research Ecology- Graduate Program
Ecology, Evolution, systematics, and population biology- Bachelor's Degree includes aquatic biology, ecology and evolution
involves hands-on work and research experiences through University of California Natural Reserve System Fees $0 $11,686 $1,609 $13,109 $26,404 $22,879 $11,686 $1,609 $13,109 $49,283 Total Books Tuition Room/ Board Out of State In State Expenses UC Santa Barbara By The Numbers Undergraduate Students 19,186 21,832 Full-Time Students 386 Part-Time Students Enrollment Numbers Student Body Cost 46,671 21,241 Number of Applicants Number of Acceptances 3.92 100% Average GPA Offering of interest: Swimming Level 1: Research Technician $25,000 to $35,000 a year Level 2: Program Manager $35,000 to $80,000 a year Level 3: Policy Director $70,000 to $90,000 a year Required: Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science
Responsibility: Assist with field research Required: Master's Degree in Ecology; work experience
Responisibilities: Coordinating a government conservation program Requirements: PhD in Environmetal Science & years of experience
Responsibilities: Directing research on long-term policy, conducting further research projects Student to Faculty Ratio
17:1 Average % of need met: Finacial Aid Applicants:
12,986 83 Length of Ecology Program: 4 years Difficult Top Half of Graduating Class High School Class Rank: Career: Geneticist Industry Sector: Career Pathway: California Outlook: Health Science and Medical Technology Diagnostic Services Level 1: Lab technician/ Assistant Level 2: Genetic Researcher Level 3: Medical Geneticist $25,000- $55,000 a year $50,000- $140,000 a year $100,000- $300,000 a year 31,700 current employment
37,600 future employment
5,000 new jobs by 2018 Programs: 1,232 acre campus academic community
makes key contributions to the economic and social well-being of the Bay Area, California, and the nation
48 out of 52 programs ranked top ten nationally
Berkeley received $649.46 million in research funding Biochemistry- Graduate Program
scientific chemistry of living systems
fundamental chemical substances and reactions
Biological Sciences- Bachelor's Degree
program covers general biology
introduction to other biology specializations Student Body Expenses Enrollment numbers Tuition In State Out of State $9,402 $32,381 Fees $3,060 $3,060 Books $1,314 $1,314 Room/
Board $15,308 $15,308 Total: $29,084 $49,283 Undergraduate students Full-time students Part-time students 25,540 34,238 1,600 Student to Faculty Ratio
17:1 Financial Aid Applicants
17,140 Average % of Needs Met
81 Very Difficult Number of Applicants Number of Acceptances 50,393 10,844 High School Class Rank: Top Tenth of Graduating Class
98% Average GPA 3.84 Length of Biochemistry Program: 4 years Offering of Interest: Marching Band Requirements: a Bachelor's Degree in Biology/ Genetics
Responsibility: Analyzing Data, organizing chemical library Requirements: Master's Degree and PhD in genetics
Responsibility: Designing research studies, conducting experiments Requirements: Doctor of Medicine Degree, completion of medical genetics residency, licensed by your state
Responsibility: treating patients with genetic diseases Thank You For Your Time Are there any questions?
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