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Pierce The Veil

No description

Sam Bilagody

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Pierce The Veil

My Favorite Poet By- Samantha<3
Bassist & Guitarist
Much like The Kinks and Oasis before them, this outfit began as a family affair. Brothers Mike (drummer) and Vic Fuentes (front man) founded the group after the breakup of another act, Before Today. After recruiting Tony Perry on guitar and Jaime Preciado on bass, Pierce the Veil was born.
I like this song because it makes me feel like somebody who can actually help others in need. But then it relates to my life of always being alone. My parents are hardly there ever since I was 4 years old. I dont blame them, they are always traveling. So this is what this poem means to me.
Pierce The Veil
The founding members, Mike and Vic Fuentes, are brothers. They both learned to play guitar from their father, a Spanish Jazz musician. There is a video of the pair having their "first jam sesh" - Mike, 5, with a toy drum set and Vic, 7, with his dad's guitar. Six years and three albums later, they took the main stage at the Vans Warped Tour.
Vic Fuentes started writing music by accident. He wrote his first song with friends at a party, and instantly knew it was something he wanted to keep doing. The feeling of making something real, he explained, was almost like a sort of drug.
The band's strong suit has always been knowing who they are at their core and staying true to themselves through their lyrics and music - a lesson the Fuentes brothers learned from their father. Because of their solid foundation, these musicians can be flexible enough to go from playing pop-ier songs, like "Bulletproof Love," as well as harder material like "Caraphernelia," with ease. They've even recorded piano-driven music, such as "Stay Away From My Friends," which proves they can do many stylistic variations well.

Favorite Song
I cannot spend another night in this home.
I close my eyes and take a breath real slow.
The consequence is if I leave I'm alone...
But what's the difference when you beg for love?
As I run through glass in the street,
kerosene hearts carry the name that my father gave me
and take the face of the wolf.

'Cause this is a wasteland, my only retreat.
With Heaven above you, there's Hell over me.

I met a girl who never looked so alone.
Like sugar water in your mouth, luke warm.
She tied a cherry stem for me with her tongue.
We fell in love, and now we're both alone.
'Cause I don't need any more friends
and another kiss like a fire on the pavement.
We'll burn it down till the end.

'Cause this is a wasteland, my only retreat.
With Heaven above you, there's Hell over me.
The water is rusted, the air is unclean.
And there for a second I feel free.
'Cause this is a wasteland, my only retreat.

I've waited all this night to honor you and say,
"I know it's hard, but who are you to fall apart on me?"

'Cause this is a wasteland, my only retreat.
With Heaven above you, there's Hell over me.
'Cause this is a wasteland, my only retreat.
With Heaven above you, there's Hell over me.

You said what about us? Well, what about me?
Hang from the gallows, asleep in the rain.
'Cause this is a wasteland, my only retreat.

Paralyze me.
Don't let me jump.
The Band
The band members have a tradition of pranking each other on tour. Tony Perry and Jaime Preciado, the guitarist and bassist respectively, enjoy first person shooter videogames, which Vic Fuentes is not a fan of. As a joke, Tony, Jaime, and the rest of the band besides Vic - even the manager - bought Nerf guns and engaged in foam warfare in the tour van. Vic was so annoyed that he ripped any darts that hit him in half
By ; Sam Bilagody
Pierce The Veil is well known American hardcore band from San Diego, California. Formed In 2007. the group was formed by Vic & Mike Fuentes. Lead singer Vic Fuentes came up with the band's name in his sociolgy class at San Diego State University. His professor mentioned piercing the veil - means to go directly to the root of a problem and removing it at the source. Fuentes like the concept of stopping things that hurt you before they have a chance to build up, and so Pierce the Veil was born.
Vic & Mike Fuentes
Hell Above
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