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Supermarket Management System

No description

Jehona Bakiu

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Supermarket Management System

Jehona Bakiu 119552
Adelina Sejfullai 119600
An application for managing customers, products, billing..
We would like to thank the owners of the Bakiu Trade Supermarket for helping us with all the material that we needed in order to complete this project. Mustaf Bakiu and Ismail Bakiu gave us suggestions about how a proper supermarket system should function and what could be the scope for this project. We would also like to thank Prof.Dr Bekim Fetaji for giving us suggestions about this project.

Thank you all

Software design
Date: 4-15 December, 2014
- Getting permission for the research and setting up meetings with players and members of the club for the interviews

Date: 17-24 December, 2014
- Analyzing data and creating the results. Conducting the whole research paper and finalizing it.

Supermarket Management System
The outcome
Activity diagram
Date: 25.April 2014
We have put all our work together in one. We will work from now on day by day with improving little specifications and details.

Primary Actor: Cashier
-Cashier: needs correct, no payment errors and also fast entry.
-Customer: wants to purchase and fast service with minimal effort and also wants proof of purchase in order to support returns.
-Company: wants correctly to record transactions and the most important part is to satisfy customer interests. At the same time it also wants fast update of inventory, ensuring the payment is recorded correctly.
-Payment Authorization Service: wants to get authorization requests in the correct format and payables to be stored accurately.

The project will include a windows application for managing the sales in the store via a supermarket management system. Therefore, the basic function of this application is to handle sales. It will include all information related to products such as its selling price, buying price, name, id etc.
All information will be saved by creating a database which will be implemented in SQL Server and the corresponding code will be generated using Visual Basic 2013.

Date: 27 December, 2014
- Getting this research to the club president in order to accomplish the point of this project, by giving suggestions of what can be changed (based on the results) for better.

• The employees will be able to manage better the products that are in the store
• The employees will be able to manage better with the customer
• There will be an automated process of billing the customer

Use Case Diagram
Collaboration Diagram
Class Diagram
Deployment Diagram
Component Diagram
State Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Basic Flow:
1. Cashier logs in into the system.
2. Customer arrives at cashier with goods in order to purchase.
3. Cashier starts a new sale.
4. Cashier enters product ID in order to identify.
5. System automatically records sale and shows product description, price and total where the price is calculated from a set of price rules.
6. Cashier tells Customer the total and asks for the payment.
7. Customer pays and system handles payment.
8. System presents receipt
9. Customer leaves with receipt and goods.

Thank you
Formal specifications (z schema)
Software Testing
Functional Testing- Functional testing ensures that the application is working as per the requirements.
Performance Testing- This testing process is undertaken to check the performance and behavior of the application under certain conditions such as low battery, bad network coverage, low available memory,etc
Usability testing- Usability testing is carried out to verify if the application is achieving its goals and getting a favorable response from users

Implementation Plan
The Implementation Plan describes how the information system will be deployed, installed and transitioned into an operational system.
software and hardware that is compatible and supports the system
32 bit operating system, 3.4 GHz processor and the right amount of disk space.
some training for the employees
Business Plan
The Supermarket Management System is design to help the owner and the employees to have a better control of all the operations that occur in a market.
For one year cheaper price and help with the training
Target Users
Expected outcomes
Date: 27 December, 2014
- The presentation day.
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