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Mirror Inquiry

An inquiry designed as a companion to the mirror examples from Minds of Our Own (http://www.learner.org/resources/series26.html).

Lee Meadows

on 28 September 2016

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Transcript of Mirror Inquiry

& Justify

Classic Footage from Science Education
What are concepts like this one that your students have difficulty truly grasping, even after you've taught well?
Imagine you see your face in a small mirror. If you wanted to see your whole body, would you back up, move closer, or does it matter? Why?
Forming Groups
Physics Certified
High School Certifed
Middle School Certifed
Elementary Certified
Work with your group to develop a side view diagram showing how the path of the light explains the evidence you experienced.
The Dark Room Demo
Practical Applications?
New Questions?
How have your (scientific) ideas changed?
Teacher's Corner
Faciliatator's Corner
Off-site prep
determine mirror availability
Off-site prep
determine mirror availability
What Do You Think
Experimental Set-Up
(Under construction)
With students, the WDYT is the engage.
What did you find out?
Key Conceptual Understandings
Typical sources of light emit rays in all directions
Typical objects reflect that light in all directions
Angle of incidence = angle of reflection
Some of those reflected rays leave seen body parts (i.e. hair, ears) with a pathway that bounces off the mirror and into the eye
Eyes are light receptors
Light rays reflected by unseen body parts (i.e. feet, hands) will never reflect off the mirror into our eye, no matter how far back we go
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