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Plan and Launch a marketing campaign using Adobe Photoshop

No description

Stefano Virgilli

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Plan and Launch a marketing campaign using Adobe Photoshop

Plan and launch a marketing campaign using Adobe Photoshop
The color black can target your high-end market or be used in youth marketing to add mystery to your image.
Add some fun to your company if you want to create a playful environment for your customers.
To create a calming effect or growth image choose green. Go green go.
Passion. Danger.
Red is the color of attention, causing the blood pressure and heart rate to rise.
Use red to inject excitement into your brand.
Royalty. Wise. Celebration.
Maybe add some purple tones to your look for your premium service business.
Loyal. Peaceful. Trustworthy.
Blue is the most popular and neutral color on a global scale. A safe choice for a business building customer loyalty.
Happy. Warm. Alert.
Yellow can be an attractor for your business with a relaxed feeling.
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