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The House Of Hades

No description

Jake Sanza

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of The House Of Hades

The House Of

Setting: Europe, and the underworld

Brave, when he fought Tartarus.
Risky, when he jumps into the Mansion Of Night
Smart, when he uses the Death Mist.
Setting, Characters, Conflict

Strong, when he defeated the army of monsters on his own.
Commanding, when he commanded several squads of the dead.
Straightforward, he slams Triptolemus into a wall for not healing Hazel and Nico quickly enough
Rising Action
Was born in San Antonio, Texas.
He started writing as a young adult
He became a teacher for a while.
Fantasy: Unreal, never could happen,Greek and Roman mythology.
Percy and Annabeth Find the Doors Of Death in Tartarus, while the rest of the team finds the Doors Of Death in the House Of Hades.
Falling Action

Leader, leads them to the House Of Hades.
Brave, attacks Clytius
Strong, tames the venti.
"The air was acid, the water was misery, the ground was broken glass, everything here was designed to hurt and kill." Percy
Iapetus appears in Tartarus to help Percy.
Rick Riordan
The team decides for Reyna, Nico, Hazel, and Coach Hedge, to take the Athena Parthenos west to Camp and try to solves the war starting between the Romans and the Greeks, while the rest of the team goes east to find the giants and stop them from waking Gaea.
My opinion of this book, is that it is a great book. When you have spare time, read it! Once you start reading it you won't be able to put it down.
Figurative Language
Simile-"Claws raked across his chest and stung like boiling water."
The House of Hades is by far one of the most gripping tales Riordan has written in his Percy Jackson world. It is full of terrible monsters,and nail-biting fights. Not only do our heroes have to face beasts that they’ve already defeated once before, but they must face their own true fears. -Amazon Reviews.
Simile-"A thin streak of stars like diamond barbs"
Simile-"Finally, his legs feeling like over cooked noodels, he reached the summit.
Theme: For every problem there is a solution/ when you are trying to set a goal there will be obstacles, but just keep on going.
Symbols: Doors Of Death, symbolizes an exit or a way out.
Iapetus and Damasen are killed protecting Percy and Annabeth while they escape into the House Of Hades.
Hazel destroys the chains holding the Doors Of Death in the House Of Hades.
Percy and Annabeth meet Akhlys, then they proceed to the Doors of Death
Percy and Annabeth meet Damasen, a giant
Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus and have to fight to survive until they find a way out.
Percy and Annabeth escape the underworld and head east
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