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6th grade introduction to maps

Jessica Kendust

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Maps

Scales, Symbols, and Types
Maps are drawn to scale. That means that a small distance on a map equals a larger distance in the real world. A map's scales is used to measure the distance between two places on a map.
Maps use symbols to represent real objects. Information on a map may be represented by lines, shapes, or colors. Some maps may use symbols resemble or suggest the objects they represent. Most maps have legends to help identify and locate information. A legend shows which symbols are used on a map and what the map represents.
Types of Maps
Map Legend
General Reference maps are used to locate places. They often show features as the boundaries of countries, mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, cities, and other significant landmarks. There are two important types of general reference maps. Political maps stress the boundaries between cities, states, and countries. Physical map emphasize physical features such as mountains, rivers, lakes, and oceans.
General Reference Maps
There are many types of maps. Each one has a special use. Some are to measure distance and find places. The four most common categories of maps are general reference, mobility, thematic, and inventory maps.
Mobility Maps
Mobility maps are designed to help people move from one place to another. One of the most common mobility maps is a street map. This map shows the location of streets, roads and other features within cities.
Thematic Maps
Thematic maps show how features such as rainfall, population, or natural resources are spread over the Earth. A weather map on a TV news program is an example of a thematic map.
Inventory Maps
Show the exact location of objects. A city may that shows each building is an inventory map. Maps of stadiums and concert halls that show the location of all the seats are also inventory maps.
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