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Harry Potter: Color Use

No description

Muzna Awan

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Harry Potter: Color Use

Harry Potter: Color Use
Muzna Awan
Color Fundementals

Harry Potter
The Harry Potter series is a fictional fantasy series that follows the adventures of a boy and his two friends on their journey to stop a dark wizard
Color in relation to character
Different color palettes are used to introduce and/or represent different characters. For example when Lord Voldemort is reborn and is finally introduced as himself a dark color palette is used. Almost monochromatic to symbolize his dark character and nature. On the opposite scale when Harry and his friends are introduced, a warm color palette is used to symbolize their kind personality and innocence.
Color Manipulation
The director manipulates color digitally using color grading. As the movie series develops the color palette shifts from warm to cool colors.
Used to create emphasis on certain objects or scenes. Used to mostly show moments of realization or when a turning point occurs. Also used to symbolize hope.
Color Symbolism
As the movie series develops and becomes more mature and dangerous so does the color palette. There is an obvious shift from warm colors to cool colors. Desaturation in color occurs to symbolize the shift from something innocent to something more dark and dangerous
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