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Shift 4- Text Based Answers

Presentation to School #17

Stephanie Moore

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Shift 4- Text Based Answers

Understanding and Creating
Text Based Answers Shift 4 What the student does... Text Based Answers and their Questions What the teacher does... shift 4- Engage NY video clip Objectives What does this look like in the classroom? A message from our SPONSOR School #17
January 9, 2013 To provide an understanding of Shift 4
(Text- Based Answers) To understand and apply the characteristics of text based answers
and what the shift looks like in practice SHIFT 4: Text-Based Answers in CCSS Students engage in rich and rigorous evidence based conversations about text. What does this look like in the classroom?

What are the characteristics of text - based questions?

How do we develop text - based questions? Take 5 minutes to discuss your responses with your Grade Level Team Find evidence in the text

Become fascinated with reading

Create judgments

Engage in “close reading” Facilitate evidence based conversations with students
Ask/ Tell the students:
Where they saw details
Where the author communicated something
Why the author may believe something
Use text to support each of these answers
Plan/conduct rich conversations
Prepare text dependent questions Characteristics of Text Based Questions Require readers to return to the text

Responses completely dependent on text/evidence

Not based on readers’ experiences or feelings

Require readers to state a claim, an opinion, or a judgment and support it with evidence

Exist in conjunction with other types of questions How???
Practice Activity Read the Article, Alert-Save the Amazon!

Read each question (on the reverse side) on the “Text Based or Not” Chart and decide if it is text based or not.

If you decide it is text based, underline the evidence from the article that answers the question. Teachers must read the text prior to using it with students!

Identify the core understanding and key ideas of text.

Start small to build confidence.

Target vocabulary and text structure.

Tackle tough sections head on!

Create coherent sequences of text dependent questions.

Identify the standards that are being addressed.

Create the culminating assessment. How do we develop text based questions? Practice Activity Read the passage provided and answer the question using


Prepare a text based question with your grade level based on the passage provided Thank You... Any questions please contact me at: stephanie.harris@rcsdk12.org Please take a moment to complete the evaluation form. Refer to rubric
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