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Smart Tips to Develop Vocabulary. (Teens B2 CEFR).

Final Presentation/ Isabelle Dovat- Charlotte Soria/ Fray Bentos ATC 06/13

Charlotte Nathyfs

on 22 June 2014

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Transcript of Smart Tips to Develop Vocabulary. (Teens B2 CEFR).

Reading in and outside the classroom
Recycling and Revision
Eliciting Vocabulary
Teach vocabulary in context
'' With words and no grammar you can say a little, but with grammar and no words you can say nothing at all.''
Michael Lewis
Thank you very much
for your attention!
Attention Span
Characteristics of teenagers
A list or collection of words
or phrases of a language.
The body of words used
in a particular language.
Vocabulary expected
Smart Tips to Develop Vocabulary
Teens B2 CEFR
1) Vocabulary definitions
2) Characteristics of teenagers
3) Vocabulary expected B2 CEFR
1) Reading in and outside the classroom
2) Teaching vocabulary in context
3) Eliciting vocabulary
4) Recycling and Revision
Alianza Cultural Uruguay Estados Unidos
ATC Final Oral Presentation
Isabelle Dovat- Charlotte Soria
June 20, 2014
What am I?
Smart Tips to Develop Vocabulary
(Teens B2 CEFR)
Ausubel, David - The Psychology of Meaningful Verbal Learning. New York: Grune & Stratton- 1963

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