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Brand Benefits

No description

Yaoyao Chen

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Brand Benefits

Literature Review
The importance of a brand’s image in its long-term success necessitates having a framework for strategically managing the image over the long term (Park et al., 1986).
Regarding the perceived value, there are five dimensions: social, emotional, functional, epistemic and conditional value. (Sheth, Newman and Gross, 1991a, 1991b)
Functional Benefits
Functional brands satisfy immediate and practical needs, including expected performance, value of money and versatility.
Symbolic Benefits
It is the social consequences of what the product communicates to others. However, marketers do not need to position a brand as a prestige brand with its associations of expensiveness and exclusivity to tap the symbolic needs of consumers. (Bhat and Reddy, 1998)
Experiential Benefits
An experiential perspective views products or services through hedonic criteria, based on an appreciation of the good or service for its own sake. And it refers to the enjoyment or pleasure derived from the product.

The core topic of our group is brand benefits with Functional benefit, Symbolic benefit and Experiential benefit.
The importance of the project is to reveal insights into traveler perception of Layar app based on gender diversity, which is an application that allows its audience to engage and interact with print.
It critically analyses the literatures and relevant results and it provides the recommendation to future research and technological development in hospitality and tourism industry.

Managerial Implication
It could be designed brands by selecting and communicating functional, social, symbolic and positive or negative emotional benefits. The identification of brands can compete against a firm’s brand and evaluate the competitive position of their brand based on some diversities. What is more, brand preferences and brand benefits may provide marketers and persuade consumers with a powerful tool.

Future Trends
The survey of Layar (2013) showed 35% of the participator downloaded application due to curiosity, and 31% followed by magazine or newspaper (Cameron, 2014).
The needs of being creative to catch attention.
There is 32% of users are between 20-30 years old, while 25% between 31 and 40. However, 14% younger than 20 and 29% above 41 years old (Cameron, 2014).
The whole average of age of Layar user is 34, which is older than smartphone user. So, Layar publisher can develop more recommended layars to meet these people, such as education or business in the future
Brand Benefits
Batra,R. and Ahtola (1990) “Measuring the Hedonic and Utilitarian Sources of Consumer Attitude,” Marketing Letters, 2(2), 159-170.
Cameron C. (2014) Layar app user research reveals opportunities for publishers and marketers Available at: https://www.layar.com/news/blog/tags/layar%20app/
Sheth, J.N., Newman, B.I. and Gross, B.L. (1991a) Consumption Values and Market Choice. Cincinnati, Ohio: South Western Publishing.
Sheth, J.N., Newman, B.I. and Gross, B.L. (1991b) “Why We Buy What We Buy: A Theory of Concumption Values,” Journal of Business Research, 22(March)
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Park, C.W., Jaworski, B.J. and MacInnis, D.J. (1986) “Strategic brand concept image management”, Journal of Marketing, Vol.50, October, pp. 135-45.

Thank you !
The extent of findings are based on gender may be extended to other diversity of groups.

The present study developed the brand benefits in only post purchase process

Epistemic and conditional values suggested by Sheth et al. (1991a) were not specifically tested in this study.

No concern about the effect caused by the brand name.

The Layar is mainly focus on Europe and North America; they ought to strengthen the publicity of other regions.
Layar has a lot of different functions which is too hard or confusing for some users to choose.
Developing more different positioning strategies.

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