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10 vocab definitions

1.definition 2.pictoral examples 3.8th grade definition 4.math examples

tyronjo stinkle

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of 10 vocab definitions

How far a number is from zero
|-5|=5 2. Square Root- One of the two equal factors of a power. 16= 4*4 A number times itself equals a square root. Box-n-Whisker A graph that displays the highest and lowest quarters of data as whiskers the middle two quarters of the data as a box and the median. Rate A ratio that compares two quantities
measured in different unit. Outlier A value much greater or much less then the others in a data set. Odds A comparison of favorable outcomes and unfavorable outcome. simplify To write a fraction or expression in simplest form. quartile Three values one of which is a medain that divides a data set in to forths Interior Angles Angles on the inter side of two lines cut by a transversal. functions In input and output relationship that has exactly one out put for each in put hi hi hiii To compare favorable numbers and favorable outcomes. Comparing two diffrent things like money and gas. A plot of data in a number line for the important information. A number that is smaller or larger then the other numbers in the data set.
To make a fraction or expression easier. three sets of data that are used to make a box and whisker plot
Input and output table that has one out put for each in put
Absolute Value- The distance of a number from zero on a number line.
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