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TED Talk 4th Generation Warfare and American Communication

No description

Christopher Immoos

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of TED Talk 4th Generation Warfare and American Communication

Counter Insurgency:
The Good
The Bad
& The Ugly Mao - "A guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea" Historically Western Approach
to 4GW Results of excessive Force in 4GW Results when combining all
components of 4GW;
Military, Political, Social,
Economical Russia Enter Afghanistan in 1979
1980-1985: Russia endlessly killed civilian support
1985-1989: Withdraw The United States Enters Afghanistan in 2001
2001-2003: Removes Taliban Leaders establishes Democratic Elections 2014: Planned Withdraw Everything you say,
Can and will be used
Against you in an
Insurgency. 1927-1933 Phase I: develop Political Base
Phase II: Conduct guerrilla war
Phase III: Conduct Final Conventional Offensive Vietnam 1951-1975 Destroyed political will to continue and forced policy makers to end war (1954 and 1975)
No need for Mao's Phase III
Modification to Mao's fundamentals Nicaragua 1962-1979
Revolutionary uprising against Somoza Regime Sandinista insurgent's Political base organized well enough that Mao's Phases II and III were not necessary in Nicaragua. Boston April 15, 2013 4th Generation Warfare today Guerrilla Warfare?
Who is the political base?
What are their objectives? Where do attacks like this fall in 4GW?
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