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Impact of HCI on Society,The economy And Culture.

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Jefferson Figueroa Camacho

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Impact of HCI on Society,The economy And Culture.

HCI (human-computer interaction) is the study of how people interact with computers and to what extent computers are or are not developed for successful interaction with human beings.

History shows that past computer makers where unaware and not focused on human computer interaction and this made their product non human friendly meaning it was hard to use and only a limited amount of people would have access to a computer yet alone be able to understand how to use and manage it. now companies and corporations spend millions on research into how they can improve their HCI to provide a better experience for the user and allow mostly anyone the easy use of the device, with the rapidly changing technology new features/ update occur to improve the HCI content.
HCI-Human Computer interaction
P1: Describe The Impact of HCI on Society,The economy And Culture.
Modern business companies now use automated phone calls.This allows the robotic voice to give the costumer options so they are directed to the correct sector they want to speak with, instead of going though line by line trying to find the correct sector. a company that uses this feature is Tesco this saves both the costumers time and the companies.
also it is possible to do banking online,over the phone and by text instead of going in person.this helps the costumer out as they may have a busy schedule and so it works around them helping save their time.
Some GPS and Blue tooth systems can now be used by your voice. This is useful for traveling salespeople or lorry drivers because they can access their GPS by speaking into it. This is a good example of how HCI has affected the usability of these products, making them easier to use and they sell better as well helping the economy.

Socially HCI has been negative and positive. This is because it has become alot easier to communicate with people via the internet, thus reducing the need to talk to people face to face, meaning that people become unable to socialize well when speaking to somebody face to face. This can therefore lead to a loss of professionalism as well the loss of professionalism through the excessive use of texting, meaning that people are less intent to write correctly as they are used to writing in a text style format.

There are though some good side to HCI affecting us socially, as we are able to listen to music anywhere with the introduction of portable MP3/MP4 players, being a great way to introduce people to each other and making them socialize. There is also the gaming aspect which has increased alot as it means that people can game pretty much anywhere now, and the use of simple GUI’s makes it even easier to game. This means that if you have access to an internet connection you will be able to play games and chat to people online anywhere.

there is also alot less jobs in some environment due to robots taking over most manual labour in manufacturing this is a term called deskilling in the work environment.
Psychological and sociological impact of it
Deskilling is become more and more of a greater problem for the arts of crafts and some businesses this is because most products such as shoes made by shoe makers can now me mass produced faster than the shoe makers can make them this in turn makes the arts of blacksmiths, carpentering, shoe making,dress making and taloring. the use of using automated machines can also effect the employees as they can feel undervalued and have no motiation to work.

whilst most people will get sacked when new machinary appears only some few experts of the trade gets to stay. this is why the art of crafts is now rare and is only available to learn and work if you know an experienced master.

Since HCI has enabled easier access of files and ease of communication this has allowed developing nations to gain jobs oversea as telecom costumer care and much more. it is more common to have your call transfered over to a other nation such as india when making a call to a company.

Society has had a huge impact due to HCI Designers and developers making and improving the ease of use of both computers, tablets and even mobile phones. Modern electronic devices such as computers, laptop, phones do not require the user to have as much training in order to control the functions of the computers like past generations which had to use command line interfaces.

Deskilling/ Impact in developing nations

while there are pros there are also cons to these type of technology for example youngsters using and learning from touch screen will prevent them to understand how to operate physical keyboard effectively and will feel lost when trying to use a computer in the workplace.

the downside to voice command to youngsters is that it will limit the ability to find information themselves and will become dependent on technology to do their thinking and other tasks. this in turn will limit their creativity and thinking processes.
The main focus of UI designers are to make sure the input and output processes are as simple and easy for the user as possible. technology such as touch screens are a perfect example of this. in recent years it has become popular in near all portable devices, such as laptops, mobiles phones and even some gaming consoles such as psp Vita. another example would be voice recognition such as apples siri or samsungs S voice. this type of technology recognizes natural language and allows the user to command the phone like a personal assistant with just their voice.
The enhancement of technology and HCI has impacted the economy by improving peoples productivity in the work place and the improvement of robotics have allowed manufacturers to have full robotic operated factories that carry out manual labour for free, fast and efficiently.The communication between companies i.e the sending of important documentation and files are now eaisly transferable and exchanged through the internet.
In these days computers can now be describes as being able to make thing easier for us. An example of this is excel, excel can generate graphs and charts for us all we have to do is input the numbers. The computer system will do the calculation in the background and then put the answer on the screen, making it a lot easier for us. American scientists are also conducting research into putting microchips into people’s brains to help them communicate. It would be used for people who can’t communicate such as people with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis like Stephen Hawing who can’t communicate on their own. Information on these microchips can be found here
HCI has impacted culture by taking down the language barrier this is not only helpful for having a conversation with someone from a difference tongue but helps companies communicate to other international when making buisness deals, or checking on reports and manufacturing.voice input devices now include these features like siri for apple and S voice for samsung allowing using to translate with just a push of a button.
also household appliances have changed the way out cultures work and live, as now we dont have to wash our clothing by hand since machines such as washing machines are available on a wide scale. more over young children now a days are exposed to alot of technology and no longer play a lot with toys that the older generation used. for example younger generation enjoying playing games consoles more than using toys. It seems technology is expanding every as even hardback books are being taken over by electronic versions that will never damage the book. such devices as the kindle enables users to read books on the go with minial back strain and well lighted screens.

in comparison to 60 to 70 years ago as more people prefer to watch television instead now. Our lives are constantly being changed by technology and HCI is continually making the technology easier and easier to use. HCI in household appliances can be seen in things such as vacuum cleaners. Just the simple idea of the vacuum cleaner having wheels makes it alot easier to use as we do not have to carry them all over the house. Furthermore there is the semiotic side of Television remotes, as they tend to have coloured on/off buttons to make it easy to differentiate them from the rest of the buttons on the controller.
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