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The Salem Witch Trials,

No description

Azlynn Williams

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of The Salem Witch Trials,

The Salem Witch Trial
The Crucible
The Red Scare
Giles and Martha Corey
The Crucible
Real Life
Giles Corey is 80
Giles is a farmer
Martha is accused of being a witch
Giles argues his wife's innocence
Giles is arrested
Martha is hung for witchcraft
Giles is pressed to death and instead of confessing pleads for more weight
Martha was arrested for publicly questioning the girls
During the trial the girls claimed that Martha sent her spirit at them in the form of a yellow bird
Ann Putnam claims she saw Martha praying to the devil outside her house
When Giles argued Martha's innocence, he was accused and arrested for wizardry
Martha was accused and arrested for using witchcraft to kill a neighbor's pigs
Giles goes with Francis Nurse and John Proctor to argue their wives' innocence, but when Giles refuses to give the name of a person who gave him information he is arrested for contempt of court
John and Elizabeth Proctor
Thought the witch trials was a scam from the start
Defended his wife of witchery when she was accused
Ended up being accused himself
Elizabeth wasn't hung because she was pregnant
John Proctor is hung
Large rash man
Elizabeth was accused by Abigail, who then accused John when he tried to defend Elizabeth
Entire family was accused, including the Proctor's children
In jail, John implores the clergy men of Boston to intervene
When it is time for him to be hung he begs for his life saying he is not ready to die
He dies without making amends with his family
The clergy men get involved and rule that supernatural evidence can not be used: leads to the release of those accused from jail
Elizabeth Proctor is paid reparations for the death of her husband and being imprisoned
Educated and diplomatic man
Knows the trials are a scam because he had an affair with one of the main accusers, Abigail
When Elizabeth is arrested, John Proctor drags their servant, and one of the accusers, to the court to help plead for his wife's innocence
Servant ends up turning on him and John is arrested for witchcraft
John chooses death over confessing to witchcraft, and dies comforted that he did the right thing
Abigail Williams
She was the niece of Reverend Parris
She was one of the main accusers
She accused Elizabeth Proctor
She disappeared after the trials
Abigail was 12 or 11
Very little is known about her; no one knows what happened to her parents
She accused BOTH of the Proctors
No one knows why she accused so many, perhaps for attention
Abigail was 17
Her parents were murdered by Native Americans
She had an affair with John Proctor
She accuses Elizabeth Proctor because she wants to be with John Proctor
Rev. Parris isn't well liked in Salem
He is in his 40's and his daught is 8 or 9
Betty and Abigail dabbled in magic with Tituba
fanned the flames of the hysteria surrounding the witch hunts
His wife was alive and he had 3 children
became a minister because he was dissatisfied with his own life
Betty along with Abigail are some of the main accusors
After trials Betty is sent to live with relatives
Parris is removed from minister position and spends the rest of his life moving to and from multiple fronteir towns
His wife is dead and he has one daughter, Betty
Rev. Parris and Betty Parris
Rebecca and Francis Nurse
The only real difference was that Rebecca Nurse wasn't convicted for killing Goody Putnam's babies. Once the trials were over, the state apologized for what they allowed to happen and gave back Rebecca Nurse's status in the church which had been stripped from her upon being condemned a witch.
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The Three Main Differences Between the Crucible and the Actual Salem Witch Trials
The Affair
During the actual Salem Witch Trials, though both Abigail Williams and John Proctor were real people, there was no affair. Abigail was only 12 and there is no evidence suggesting that she worked for Elizabeth and John Proctor. Abigail also accused both of them of witchery, not just Elizabeth.
The Yellow Bird
In the the Crucible Abigail and the girl's pretend to see a Yellow Bird on the rafters of the courthouse after being accused of pretending by both John Proctor and Mary Warren. However, it is recorded that the yellow bird was actually seen during Martha Corey's trial and was said to be in her hand suckling her fingers. Also, Mary Warren did not come to court with John Proctor, but after he was locked up to claim that what the girls were doing was all pretense.
Ann Putnam and her Dead Babies
In the Crucible Ann Putnam is said to have lost seven babies and have only one remaining, Ruth. Actual descriptions of her contradict this; Ann Putnam was shrouded in tragedy but it was the tragic death of her sister's three babies in quick succession and then her sister's death. Ann Putnam only lost one child at six weeks of age, and did not place the blame on Goody Ousborne, Goody Good, or Rebecca Nurse, but on some other man.
Thomas and Ann Putnam
Thomas was about 37
Fought Native Americans in the French Indian war
Believed he was cheated out of his inheritence by his brother
Thomas and Ann were embittered, but rich
Thomas and Ann egged on the Witch Trials
Ann accused someone of killing her baby
Many thought Thomas used the accusations to get rid of his enemies, and used his daughter to do so
Ann Putnam lost seven children and was jealous of Rebecca Nurse's healthy grandchildren
Had a single daughter, Ruth
Accused Goody Good, Goody Ousborne, and Rebecca Nurse of killing her babies
Ann Putnam witnessed the death of her sister's three babies and then her sister in quick succesion
Lost a six week old baby, Sarah, and accused a man in the village of killing her
Ann Putnam Jr. was the name of their daughter and she was one of the main accusers
After the trials ended Ann Putnam put forth a formal apology
Thomas and Ann Putnam died within two weeks of each other
Ann Putnam jr. was left to raise her younger siblings
She never married and died single
Now What Does This Have to Do With the Red Scare???
Introducing This Guy
Senator McCarthy
During the 1940's and 1950's there was this time period called McCarthyism. Everyone was afraid the big paid communist and socialist were going to take over America and destroy her democratic ways. Senator McCarthy was especially afraid, and decided to make the public accusation that there were over 200 communist that had infiltrated the U.S. Soon, everyone was accusing everybody of being a communist, and those accused were accusing others to get out of jail! Stars and artists were even being accused. 320 artists had been blacklisted by the time this embarrassing period ended, including the author of "The Crucible", Arthur Miller.
The Salem Witch Trials and The Red Scare
"young" accuser
countless people were accused
those accused were forced to give other names
the event began because of one person
very dramatic trials
ultimatum of confessing and giving names, or rotting in jail
good names soiled with title of witch/communist
after what happened the person "disappeared"
Mass hysteria over those who go against the others ideals
a bunch of girls accuse people of witchcraft
Witchcraft goes against Puritan religion
the accused are tried by judges
Abigail disappears after trials
U.S fearful of communists and the communism trend spreading through Asia and eastern Europe
McCarthy says there are communists in the country
House of Un-American Activities tries the accused
McCarthy is censored and banished from Senate (disappears from Senate)
Arthur Miller's Personal Experience
Miller was around during the McCarthy trials, and was accused of communism himself. His friends and colleagues who went on trial for being communist or communist sympathizers listed Arthur Miller as one of the names the court asked for. Like a lot of other artists and actors of this time, this sent Arthur Miller's career down the toilet. Arthur Miller then wrote the play "The Crucible" to demonstrate that the McCarthy trials were nothing more than modern day witch hunts.
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