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Copy of Modals for Giving Advice

No description

Diana Galan

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Modals for Giving Advice

Modals of Advice
Using Modals When Giving Advice. Presenting with Prezi.
You SHOULD Give a short explanation of the place.

You COULD tell us why you want to go there or you like the place.
Advice # 6
Introduce the Topic
We need some advice!
What should we visit while in Canada?

Your presentation SHOULD be 4-5 minutes.
Advice # 2
You MUST speak loud enough for all to hear you.
Advice # 3
You really SHOULD talk to your audience. Don't simply read.

You SHOULD also make eye contact with different classmates.
Advice # 4
You MUST pick a place you have visited or would like to visit in Canada.
Advice # 1
Advice # 5
You MAY use more pictures than words such as maps, and photos, etc.
First, you MUST sign up
for a free account.
Tourism / Attractions

You don’t need to book a hotel before you go – there are lots of places to stay.

You could stay in a large hotel or a small inn.
Great Food
You might want to go on the Halifax Harbour Boat Tour
A Village in Peggy’s Cove – 300 people

Peggy’s Cove

It looks like this fellow could use a nap.
Nova Scotia
Cape Breton
The following photos are from teacher Adeesha Hack.
You should go to Nova Scotia in the summer. It is cold at other times of the year.
You need to take an umbrella and warm clothes because at nighttime it's chilly.
You could drive, but it would
take a long time. Fly instead.
If you go out east, you must visit Cape Breton; it's very beautiful.
You could take a Halifax City Tour.
You could try some seafood.
As you go down the list, the strength of advice decreases.
Sample Presentation
You SHOULD show a map.
Will 100%
must necessity
had better strong advice
should expectation is 75%
may 50/50, choice
could 50/50, choice
might possibility
Thank you!
Who has been to Nova Scotia?

Do you know where Nova Scotia is?
East or West of Kingston?
You could ask your audience a few questions.
Monday June 9, 2014

Presentation feedback form
Work on Presentation
If done, discussion groups

Thursday June 11, 2014

Presentations - bring feedback form
You can
import from within Prezi.
open another tab and copy & paste. You must also copy and paste the link where you got the photo or info.
Don't plagiarize - Reference your work!
Good to Know
Click on the share icon, top right,

click on share prezi to get a link. Copy the link and email to friends.

you can download as pdf
Plagiarism means stealing.
It's okay to BORROW ideas, text, images, sound files, etc.
When you borrow you must say where you borrowed from. This is called citing and referencing.
If you are caught plagiarizing, you can get kicked out of university, and lose your job.
I am referencing the photos that I borrowed.
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