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The Great Epic Story

No description

Jarred Robinson

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of The Great Epic Story

The Great Epic Story
By: Jarred Robinson
An immense hero, a tremendous adventure, and an unmatched amount of heroism and bravery. These are just a few of the qualities that make
such a strong and well put together epic.
The Hero
Beowulf's bravery throughout his many battles in the epic also shows that he was a man afraid of nothing and was willing to do anything to protect others, even when the odds were not in his favor.
One of the other three major battles in the play was the one with Grendel's Mother. This was the battle that came after Grendel's mother learned that Beowulf had killed her son, and she wanted her revenge. After her brief attack on the hall; Beowulf followed her back to her lair at the bottom of the lake, " where she ruled for a hundred years" (1498), and Planned to killing her. Beowulf thought this battle would be more difficult than his one with Grendel, but he still prevailed in the end by slitting her throat with that the poet calls "a victory-bright blade / made by the giants" (1557-58). This fight adds to the action of the poem and adds to the overall poem itself as well.
This story has many different settings like the Heorot , the swamp, and the dragon's cave just to name a few. The different settings throughout the story help the reader to better understand the many situations throughout the story. The poem takes place in the danes (now Denmark) and Geatland ( now southern Sweden) sometime around 500 a.d. .
This piece of work isn't just a poem, its an epic poem. There are many different elements used throughout the poem to support this. Weather it be the setting, the action, or the heroic aspect that Beowulf portrays throughout the piece of work. These elements do an outstanding job at helping the reader understand the time period a little better. These elements ultimately make this story an amazing epic poem.
The writer\ poet who is unknown in
, does a great job when it comes to the different epic elements throughout this piece of work.
The Hero
The Creator does a great job at making such a first rate epic hero like Beowulf. Beowulf's role as the protagonist in this epic shows just how much he was respected among most of the people in his presence. In the poem when one of the Danish coast guard men sees Beowulf his response to the hero was " Nor have I seen/ a mightier man-at-arms on this earth/he is truly noble. This is no mere / hanger -on in hero's amour" ( Beowulf 244-51). The coast guard man could tell Beowulf was a great hero just by the way he looked. The poet/ writer made sure to create Beowulf with a bold and fierce look so that people would know that he was the real deal. The last part of that quote when the coast guard man said " No mere / hanger-on in hero's armor" says that Beowulf has what it takes.
The poet/ creator uses many different literary characteristics in this piece of work. Weather it be the setting, the action, or the style of the writing; the poet uses these different characteristics to pull the reader in and grab their attention and subsequently make the story a good and interesting read.
In the story the author describes Beowulf in such a powerful way that it can he hard to see him as anything other than a hero. He is described by the author as "There was no one else like him alive/In his day, he was the mightiest man on the earth/ highborn and powerful"( 196-98). When there is no one else like you alive, that's when you know you're truly powerful, truly admired, and truly respected. Beowulf is portrayed as a man like no other and his actions throughout this poem truly show that he was exactly that
This story is as action packed action as one of the Star wars movies. There was many amounts of action, but the three main action packed parts were Beowulf's battles with Grendel, Grednel's Mother, and the dragon.
"The story goes
that as the pair struggled, mead-benches were smashed
and sprung off the floor, gold fittings and all.
Before then, no Shielding elder would believe
there was any power or person on earth
capable of wrecking their horn-rigged hall
unless the burning embrace of a fire
engulf it in flame". (774-781)

This quote shows the fight between Beowulf and Grendel. Within the quote from the story there is the brawl that takes place between the two. This part of the poem also shows Beowulf's and Grendel's strength. Before they fight; some people thought that the hall would never be destroyed. Beowulf's and Grendel's fight proved those people wrong
The poet describes the Heorot as a great room to be used as Hrothgar's throne room and was a room that was " meant to be a wonder of the world forever" (70). Just imagine what this room looked like, it was probably the most beautiful and well put together room
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