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Urinary Systems Analogies Collage

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on 21 February 2018

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Transcript of Urinary Systems Analogies Collage

Renal Medulla
The renal medulla is the interior part of the kidney, and its function is to filter blood through a million little filtration units.
The urethra's function is to excrete urine from the human body.
Urinary Bladder
The urinary bladder is the organ that stores urine until it is expelled from the body.
The kidneys are like an aquarium filter because they filter out certain toxins in our blood.
The ureter is like a sewage pipe, transporting waste from one place to another.
Urinary Systems Analogies Collage
Renal Pelvis
The renal pelvis' function is to collect the urine to be taken to the ureter.
Renal cortex
The renal cortex is the external part of the kidney, and its function is to filter blood and remove unwanted substances from the body, with the help of the nephrons and glomeruli.
A nephron's function is to filter blood under pressure through the walls of the glomerular capillaries and Bowman's capsule.
Our kidneys filter blood to produce urine, which is composed of wastes and extra fluid.
The ureters are small tubes that conduct urine from the kidneys to the bladder.
A bladder is like a balloon, because it holds urine, just like a balloon holds air.
The urethra is like a garbage truck because its job is to dispose of waste.
A nephron is like a security guard because they are both "regulators."
The renal medulla is like a sponge because it is hypertonic and also aids in the reabsorption of water.
by: S G
The renal pelvis is like a funnel, both in structure and function, as they both collect a substance and then channel it through.
The renal cortex is like a garden hose head because they are both able to "cleanse" under high pressure.
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