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1.5 Ancient Sumer Skill Work

No description

Stephanie Leahey

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of 1.5 Ancient Sumer Skill Work

6-8 slides
Information about your topic
Do NOT include ALL of the information in a big chunk of words.
Do NOT just read off the board.
A question and answer section
Include a fun activity - e.g KAHOOT
Should last about 5 - 10 minutes
Prezi / Powerpoint
Grading Rubric
You will be working in groups.
You will present an aspect of the characteristics of a civilization, to the class.
You can make a prezi or a Powerpoint.
You also need to create a revision sheet to give to the class about your aspect of the chapter AND a poster.
I will be assessing these presentations based on:
How prepared the group is.
How well the group worked together.
The quality of the resources.
The quality of the presentation.
1.5 Ancient Sumer
Skill Work Project
Giving the presentation
What is a civilization?
Review Sheet
Needs to be one side of A4
Needs to be visually appealing
Needs to have a place for students to put their names
Needs to include the KEY POINTS from your section of information.
Needs to be easy to look at and understand.
Needs to include pictures.
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