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Why do volcanoes erupt? Jason

No description

guildford public

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Why do volcanoes erupt? Jason

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Why do volcanoes erupt?
A volcano is a mountain that has a crater and vent that causes lava, rocks and ashes to come bursting out of a volcano. The magma chamber stores all the lava. The vent is a tube where the lava goes through and bursts out from the crater. The mantle is the earth's crust, that is hard lava.
So why do volcanoes erupt? Well when the magma chamber is over heated, it will melt the mantle. It then goes through the vent. Sometimes when there is an earthquake, it raises the lava since it is shaking the volcano.
The pressure forces the lava to come out. The pressure makes the rocks from the earth's crust fall in the lava causing it to rise.
This is because the weight of the rocks are heavier than magma. It pushes the magma to rise. Some volcanoes don't erupt because of the lava blocking the vent and the crater. It won't be able to let out the lava. This is why some volcanoes don't erupt.
For example, you can get diet coke and mentos. Put the mentos in the coke and it will burst like lava. Try it but do it outside. Some volcanoes don't erupt but they aren't extinct.
They still have magma in the chamber but after an eruption, it then processes more magma which might take a while. They will erupt but maybe 50 years later. What is the name of this? This is called a dormant volcano.
If you use a berroca tablet and water, it is like as if the tablet is magma and the water is rocks and minerals.If you drop the berroca in the water it looks like it's creating more magma. These are called sleeping volcanoes.
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