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Physical Environment

No description

Alexandra Carapucinha

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Physical Environment

• New York City, USA
• New Orleans, USA
• Shanghai, China
• Los Angeles, USA
• Manila, Philippians
• Tokyo, Japan

What lessons about land reclamation can be learned from the flooding in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina?

Levee and flood walls failure caused more flooding during the hurricane

After the hurricane New Orleans, they are adding more flood walls, pumps, and levees

Building a big wall in front of lake Borgne

All of these new creations to stop a flood costs the city 15 billion dollars

Where else in the world is reclaimed land vulnerable to physical process?
San Francisco is vulnerable to sea level rise because of its history, the bay is big but shallow. If sea levels rise 16ft per century, hundreds of thousands of people will lose their homes in the bay area. To protect San Francisco bay, levees will have to build on a massive scale.

Another city will be the Sacramento Keen delta, the city will be vulnerable because it’s at or below sea level. Most of the delta is farm land, and also they are the main supply of fresh water. If the delta and the farm land is lost to a flood, California’s food supply would be in trouble. If the sea levels rose 6ft by this century local rivers will be contaminated with salt. Another 16ft the entire delta will be claimed by the sea. To avoid the delta to be ruined, it would be a good idea to put a dam across the bay underneath the golden gate bridge. Using huge dredgers will pick sand from the sea bed. The dams shallow incline will sure maximum stability against earthquakes, putting pipes and pumps will be installed to keep the bay’s water flowing.

What impact would rising sea levels have on coastal cities?
Miami is a coastal city and is built on poor ground, when there is a flood the water can seep through the city and will eventually be abandoned and underwater if the water goes up to 6 ft.
Which cities would be severely affected?
What impact might a serious natural disaster, such as an earthquake, tsunami, or flood, have on an urban centre?

People will have to leave their homes and leave all of their personal belongings behind

The water can be contaminated with sea water

Electricity products will be affected, power plants flooded

Levees, dams, locks, will be destroyed

Physical Environment
(Rising Sea Levels)

Video: Rising sea levels
(National Geographic)

By:Alexandra Carapucinha
There is a big impact of what Miami could get. People will loose all of their homes, buildings damaged, all of the water can be contaminated. Also Miami food source can be in trouble.
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