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No description

joha jackson

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Zombies!!!!!!!!!

By: Joha END MIDDLE When they woke up they all ended up in a field and there was a big pile of weapons and they all got up and got a weapon. After they got set they went to see the village and all the houses were on fire so they tried to get food ,water ,and tents they went to the field and there were ZOMBIES! They got their guns and shot the zombies but their were too many so Mr.Craig told us to run and we did Beginning There once was a village called DOGWOOD there were 12 people Jackson,Ethan,Josue,Devin,Kyndra,Jorge,Joha,Kieran,zaye,Avery,Carley,and Mr. Craig. They were celebrating the opening of the tribe. It started at 12:00 and ended at 9:00 they all went to bed at 9:30 Zombies! So after we talked we went to the airport and it was filled with zombies and we tried to fight but there were too many. We ran but we got cornered and we got bit and bit and bit and bit. WE TURNED.
Thanks for
watching Nazis Zombies!
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