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Anthropology, David Reimer

No description

Brittney Jorisch

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Anthropology, David Reimer

Finally What codes did Money Break? Story David Reimer Summer 1965 Janet Reimer's dream comes true The Big Change The Doctors suggested circumcision Result Despite Money's enthusiasm, his theory was proven wrong After After his father told him everything and he was angry at the world Nature vs Nurture She gave birth to two sons, Bruce and Brian Not long after the boys were having difficulties On April, 27, 1966 Bruce and Brian were circumcised Bruce's penis was burnt so bad it could not be fixed Janet saw Dr.Money on the television one night John William Money A psychologist, sexologist, and author specializing in research into sexual identity and biology of gender. He promoted the theory that a child’s gender identity was determined by environmental variables and not solely by their biological mechanisms. Money's "Solution" He advised the parents to change Bruce's sex because reconstruction of the penis was not an option Little Brenda started a hormone treatment Money often meet with the twins, and would ask them lots of question, and show them pictures of people having sex He forced them to take their clothes off and examine each other's genitals All this left them both very traumatized By the age of nine David and his family where having serious doubts David never fit in with the rest of the girls, and acted very masculine Money's Lies Money published an article about the experiment pronouncing it a success, and that he proved that gender identity is primarily learned It was called the Joan/John case Money wrote: "The child's behavior is so clearly that of an active little girl and so different from the boyish ways of her twin brother." However, the twins and family disagree By the time he hit puberty it was obvious that the experiment was failing, he started to grow broad shoulders Brian, remembered it differently: "The only difference between him and I was he had longer hair." Money told them to take the final step, and make force him to go threw with a genital reconstruction surgery, But Bruce rebelled Attempted suicide three times, the third time he tried it put him in a coma The doctors did an unusual circumcision that involves burning off the skin, instead of cutting When he woke up he left his Brenda identity behind and changed his name to David David's brother became a schizophrenic and
OD on antidepressants at the young age of 34 David got reconstructive surgery to become a full man, this allowed him to enjoy sex but, never have children of his own But that didn't stop him from having a family with three children, and having a normal life But the death of his brother struck him hard, and he
became really depressed, and eventually lost his job and his family

On May 24, 2004 he committed suicide, he was 38 I.20 Obtain information consent for all research activities... II.17 Not carry out any scientific of professional activity unless the probable benefit is proportionally great then the risk How has this affected psychology now? It is clear that gender identity isn't learned

Gender Identity's is innate and decided in by our DNA In this case nature is the primarily effect of gender and not nurture
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