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03.06 Writing Narrative Body Paragraphs

No description

Cristina Quintana

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of 03.06 Writing Narrative Body Paragraphs

03.06 Writing Narrative Body Paragraphs
It's been a week since the incident with Fortunato and the feeling of remorse is slowly starting to wash over me. How could this be? i exterminate the one person i absolutely loathe, and now i feel remorseful? Everyday it get's a little worse and i don't know what to do. I want to make myself stop feeling this way! I shouldn't feel bad for what i have done, he deserved it! I've had the thought and felt the need to tell someone about my actions.. but that would be silly considering they would just go to the police. At this point i don't know what i must do to get these awful feelings to go away.

It has now been 2 weeks and this feeling is starting to consume me from the inside out. I cannot stop it from spreading! I feel as though i MUST tell someone. I can no longer keep this to myself, so i have decided to tell an old family friend who i can trust. I have invited him over for dinner to make it less obvious that i have committed a horrible crime. Maybe i'm just other thinking this whole situation, but every time someone looks at me i feel as if they can see right though me and know what i have done. The thought of my friend arriving tomorrow night scares me, but i must tell him.

Today is the day. My childhood friend Charles has arrived today and i feel as if he can tell something is wrong. The first thing he said to me was "Montresor you look very exhausted is something the matter?" as to which i replied "Uhh,.. No! I've just been.. awake all night excited for your arrival!". I've decided i can no longer wait until later to tell Charles what has happened i must tell him now! "Charles.. i must tell you something very important" "Montresor can it not wait? I have just gotten here and i would like to enjoy the moment for a little longer," Charles said."No this cannot wait, Invited you here today to tell you about the awful thing i have done. I didn't know who else to turn to, and you're a family friend who i can trust... so i decided it would be best to tell you." "Montresor.. what have you done?" "Charles i have taken someone else's life. His name was Fortunato and i could no longer bare to look at his face for all of the awful things he had done to me! I felt nothing at first but now this feeling is consuming me, how do i make it stop!". Charles got very silent and it seemed as though all of his blood had left his body from the pale color in his face. He then told me he didn't want to talk about this anymore and that he would be leaving first thing in the morning

After out talk Charles decided he was going to go to the guest room and rest for a little while, i went to my room as well. I heard a door open, so i cracked my door open and saw Charles leaving his room. What in the world could he be doing? I must find out! I followed him and saw that he was starting to make his way into town and right then i knew what he was going to do. I then knew i had made a horrible mistake thinking i could trust anyone. The one person i thought would be loyal to me is planning to go to the police. I must leave! I ran back up to the house and started packing my things. The same thought kept popping up in my head "where will i go?". I didn't want to think about it but i had to.. the police were coming and i could not risk letting them catch me! Maybe i could make up a story stating that my actions were self defense? As i was thinking of all these things i had finished packing. I ran downstairs with my things and opened the door to see Charles and a police officer standing next to me. My skin went ice cold and i felt as if i was going to drop dead. The police officer said he had to arrest me and that they would have to search my property. In that moment i knew i wouldn't get away with the murder of Fortunato, I had finally excepted my fate and knew that this is what i deserved.
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