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Periodontal problems related to orthodontic treatment and their management

No description

Hisham salama

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Periodontal problems related to orthodontic treatment and their management

OUR GOAL Gingival Cleft Gingival Recession periodontitis Is to end the orthodontic ttt with good periodontal health GINGIVAL ENLARGEMENT CAUSES : plaque accumulation Bone loss Interproximal Gingivitis Risk Factors Attachment loss Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine
Cairo University Oral medicine & Periodontology Department PERIODONTAL PROBLEMS RELATED TO ORTHODONTIC ttt CROWN EXPOSURE PERIO-ORTHO INTER- REALTIONSHIP structure of the periodontium Etiology clinical prevention Alveolar bone loss Clinically Patient Home Care Professional Care Treatment of GINGIVTIS & PERIODONTITIS Group Members 1-Heba El Sayed Kamel Akl 2-Haytham Mohamed Talaat 3-Mark Mokhles Fekry 4- Mina Wageh 5-Michael Wageh Etiology Clinical following extraction of 1st premolar retraction of Canine leads to appearnce of ginigival cleft Dehesience Causes : -Excessive force in moving teeth mesio-distally Clinically : Treatment : GTR Bone Graft Mechanism AIM closed open apically positioned flap Clinically Treatment 1-thin attached gingiva 2-Labial movement of teeth 3-As aresult of fenestration & dehisence GTR
FGG clinically treatment Scaling Gingivectomy GINGIVITIS PERIODONTITIS GINGIVITIS PERIODONTITIS Brushing
Anti-inflammantory (MW) +
Anti-septic (mw) supragingival scaling suprsgingival scaling
and subgingival debridement Peri-implantitis + local predisposing factors
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