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SaaS10 Slides


Barney Haywood

on 18 February 2010

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Transcript of SaaS10 Slides

SaaS and Cloud Computing
What is SaaS?
The one-to-many model can be implemented through multi-tenancy or isolated tenancy.
SaaS in the Market
SaaS is moving to mainstream even in Enterprises:
“16% of large enterprises are using SaaS. This represents a 33% increase from the previous year”– Forrester
“SaaS is growing in enterprise adoption and in certain domain areas will soon be the prominent approach to application development, deployment and management” – Gartner

Gartner definition:
SaaS involves off-premises resources (typically, business applications) offered in a one-to-many manner: multiple user organisations using the same application, but in a manner that each user organisation experiences as if it were the only entity using the application.
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Service Integrator & Aggregator delivering business solutions
Delivery of solutions based on the configuration and integration of SaaS Products – consultancy led based on vertical or functional value propositions
Provision of on-going end-to-end service management
Global capability: UK, US & Australia
Accelerated by acquisition
Customers are Corporates or Large Enterprises
Financial Service base but also retail hospitality, hi-tec, education, etc.
Why we win
Success Stories

What is the Opportunity?
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