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No description

Jackie Mangin

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Friar

You should repent
for your sins
and greed
is evil.
How to play:
You will be broken up into three groups.
Each group will be given part of a deck of cards containing a two face cards (a King and Jack) and numeric cards (2-10).
The King will represent the friar and the friar will represent the sheriff. The numeric cards will represent the citizens who need to bribe the friar.
The friar's objective is to receive a bribe from each of the citizens without being caught. The Sheriff must try to catch the friar before he receives a bribe from all the citizens.
To bribe the friar, a citizen must be winked at by the friar. Once being winked at, the citizen must say "the bribe has been taken" and then place their card in the center of the circle.
The sheriff must find who the friar is before all the bribes have been taken. They have only one chance to guess so they must be careful not to waste it.
If the sheriff catches the friar he/she wins. If the friar finishes taking all the bribes, he/she wins the game.
Played the Harp
Life as a Priest
Supposed to live a life of poverty
Rather than living a life of poverty, he lived a life of great wealth
Took bribes from people to perform priestly duties
Day to Day Life
Enjoyed spending time in the tavern
Everyone in town knew him
two teams
this is your 'quiz'
try your best :)
The friar tells an uncomplimentary tale about a summoner. Though the pilgrim who is a summoner is unhappy about this, he allows the friar to continue but says he will tell an uncomplimentary tale about a friar.
The friar's tale is about a meticulous summoner who has spies that report other's sins to him. He extorts money from the townspeople for their sins by charging high prices for forgiveness. One day, he runs into a yeoman who also extorts people for money. The two of them then decide to work together. Shortly after, the summoner finds out that the yeoman is in fact a demon. As they walk, they come upon a farmer who's cart is stuck in the mud. The farmer cries out for the devil to take the cart and the summoner asks the demon if he will take it. The demon replies that it wasn't said from the heart so he can not. A little later, he came upon a rich widow who refused to pay him. Enraged, he tries to take the woman's frying pan which causes her to cry out for the devil to take him and the frying pan. The demon asks the woman if she truly means this. She replies that she does, unless the summoner repents. The summoner refuses to do so, causing the demon to drag him off to hell.
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