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School uniforms

No description

sami Almotairi

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of School uniforms

By: Sami Almotairi School Uniforms Introduction It helps to scrap social inequalities.

-Having uniforms makes it easier not to
judge someone by the way they look.

-They make people believe they belong somewhere. If you had a choice between having school uniforms and not having them what would you choose? I think that school uniforms are a good thing because they don't separate people by the way they dress. I would like to convince the audience that school uniforms are a good thing. Body
You can wear more than one year. The uniforms a good value for money. They are cheap. Looks good. Everyone behaves better. Everyone looks nice. "The school looks very good. The uniforms are a good thing. It will be easy for my wife. She won't have to fight about clothes" BY: Benjamin Franklin Conclusion In conclusion I think that uniforms are a good thing because they make everyone look the same, and they help keep everyone equal. I hope that my speech has made you think that uniforms are good. "debate school uniform" DEBATEPEDIA. (wep). November 6th 2012 thank you for listening
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