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Explaining Obama

Obamacare for Idiots

Peter Orgovan

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Explaining Obama

Obamacare... What was the intent of Obamacare? What Obamacare depends on: Obamacare Claims: Obamacare reality. -Not increase the Deficit, but decrease it
-Lower Healthcare Costs
-Provide Healthcare to the Poor, Unemployed, and Uninsured Americans
-Provide more accessible, affordable healthcare.
-Democrats who think only so far as the bumper sticker slogan.

-A liberal media to downplay the negatives

-The poor who bought into the “free healthcare” slogan

-Ignorant people willing to vote for the Santa Claus Democratic Party; just like you.
-Not a tax!

-Keep your doctor, and your plan!

-More affordable care

-No spending caps!
- increases the deficit+debt… according to everyone but the White House …

-Even the Supreme Court says it’s a tax.

-Sorry, your job just dropped your plan… and your doctor.

What are the legal implications of Obamacare? -The government can tell you what to buy, when and for how much.

Don’t feel like your government-mandated serving of Broccoli? Too damn bad.
for idiots. -Premiums increasing rapidly to offset the added requirements to Insurance Companies
-plus the cost of covering [we-used-to-call-them-losers] adult-children until they’re 26
-plus the cost of the taxes
-Less care at a higher cost -Oops, forgot to tell you… IPAB capped a bunch of your care.
-Medicare capped to per capita GDP+1%
-HSA contributions and other health spending accounts capped, plus taxes added onto them when you use them
-And we cut 716 Billion from Medicare too. Suckers.
-And still people will remain uninsured… -The government can reach into your bank accounts and monitor your insurance status.
-Want to run a business? Oh boy. Good luck figuring out our regulations. But we’ll still fine you for noncompliance (even though no one can really tell you what you’re bound to… until it’s too late).
But what about the out-of-pocket limits?! -Liberal Logic: There’s out of pocket limits! So you can’t spend more, derrr! End thinking here.
-Reality: A business has to pay people plus bills. Covering more and more people, more and more procedures, means that the insurance company needs to raise premiums to pay the bills and cover you. They’re still not making much profit because of the profit cap, but the cost of doing business is higher.
-Every regulation means that- someone needs to ensure it’s been found (lawyer), then planned for (strategic planning department), and complied with (compliance department).

-The more regulations you add, the more people you need in order to keep track of, file the paperwork for, and ensure compliance with that regulation.

-This means more cost to the business, which means more cost to the person buying the insurance.

Notice that Obamacare doesn’t cap the COST of premiums to you; only the profits the Insurance company receives from them.

(Hint: They can still cost more) - This means that even though Obamacare has already caused the price of Insurance to go up, there’s nothing to stop it from going, and going, and going…. Proportionate to the procedures that must be covered. But Accountable Care Organizations will be so much better! Not so fast. -CEO of Froedtert Health: “ACO’s are essentially Capitation [rationing] and HMO’s. No one is calling them that, because HMO’s and capitation were big in the 80’s and everyone hated it, so they call them ACO’s.”

Denying treatment reimbursement (and therefore care) is how Obamacare will cut costs. Other Funsies -If you’re a religious institution that finds making women sexual objects by making sex come without any commitment unacceptable, then you’re out of luck!
-Many religious institutions are self-insured, forcing them to cover immoral and unnecessary medical procedures or close their doors.

-If you’re a person who finds paying for people to kill their unborn a reprehensible concept- too bad!
-Paying for your health insurance is now able to go to the insurance pool of money, government or private, where you pay for abortions and other unnecessary procedures you might not like-- Increasing cost and moral culpability.
-If you’re a person who enjoys liberty, a limited government, and NOT being told what-when-how-where to buy a product by the government… sorry, you’re just a crappy person I guess.
Da you vill love zee mother country.

In mother country, YOU don’t get Healthcare… Healthcare gets YOU. Liberal Logic Check -It’s good to encourage more young adults (18-26) to leech off the previous generation! Costs won’t increase just because we’re adding more people, requirements, and lowering reimbursement on our healthcare system!

You must hate women. And you're racist.
Taxing the “rich” [everyone] more takes care of all our problems!

You must hate poor people. And you’re a racist.
Forcing people to reject their consciences and religious teachings by buying a product that supports what they view as immoral is creating more freedom!

You bigot.
-What do you mean ‘who’s gonna pay for it’?! [Silence…] Moral of the Story? And the logic + critical thinking skills that your public school teacher never taught you. Use. Your. Brain. Before you think this image is over the top: CNN's Cafferty: Not Voting Obama? You're a Racist!
http://www.conservativecrusader.com/articles/cnn-s-cafferty-not-voting-obama-you-re-a-racist "The case for re-electing President Barack Obama rests on five arguments, the most important of which is that Romney/Ryan represent sexism, racism, homophobia and fascism. " The Five 'Reasons' to Re-elect Obama
-Larry Elder
http://townhall.com/columnists/larryelder/2012/09/06/the_five_reasons_to_reelect_obama/page/full/ Where would we be without sources? About Obamacare





Not a tax? http://dailycaller.com/2012/06/28/with-court-ruling-1-7-trillion-obamacare-tax-now-violates-obamas-2008-tax-pledge/



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Attacks Medicare and FSA’s/HSA’s http://www.humanevents.com/2012/10/15/obamacare-strikes-gain-new-limits-on-flexible-spending-accounts-coming-jan-1/


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