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No description

Jordann Baker

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Glee

Creators Of Glee Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchk and Ian Brennan The Cast Rachel Berry Lea Michele Cory Monteith Finn Hudson Matthew Morrison Will Schuester Dianna Agron Quinn Fabray Chris Colfer Kurt Hummel Jane Lynch Sue Sylvester Kevin McHale Artie Abrams Mark Salling Noah 'Puck' Puckerman The "Glee" Phenomenon 2010 Concert Tour Song Rights.. Guest Stars... Kristin Chenowet Lady Gaga Creaters Ryan, Brad and Ian
are high school friends that created the story line from there own high school experence. Rachel knew she was going
to be a star since she won her
first dance competiton when
she was 5 years old. Enemy too head Cheerleader
aka. "Cherrio" Quinn Fabray. She has a huge crush on
quaterback Finn Hudson. Producers knew Lea
was right for the part
automatically. Quaterback of the football team
and dating head cheerio Quinn Fabray who is pregant with what he thinks is his baby. He is faced to pick between
football and the thing he loves,
glee club. Cory is a Canadian actor
who stood out to producers
because of his auditon tape.
He was in his high school glee club
and wanted to persue his dream of
being a star, but he marride his highschool sweetheart Terri. He is the Spanish teacher
at Mckinley highschool. Then
he decided to start the glee club
"New Directions". For months, his wife tricked
him into believing she was
pregnant. He then found out his wifes
lies which then lead to him
filing for divorce. She was named Cheerleading
Coach of the decade by "Spilts"
Determind to distory
Will Schuester and
the Glee Club.
Sue is known to be heartless
and tends to be the ruling dictator
of Mckinley High. After his mother died,
Kurk was raised by his

Glee clubs biggest diva. Ever since Finn saved him
from having a slushly in the face
Kurt has had a crush on him. Was Cheerleading Captian
and the most popular girl
in school Cheerleading coach
made Quinn along with
two other cherrios to join
glee club to help her destroy
it. She lead her boyfriend, Finn Hudson
to believe she was pregant with his
child but it was really Puck's baby. Finn finds out it is Puck's baby, which
ends their relationship. When Sue finds out Quinn is pregant
she was kicked off the cheerleading team. Then betrayed by her closest friends. When Artie was 8 years old
he was in a serious car crash
and has been paralyzed ever
since. Artie dosent let the wheelchair
stop him from singing and dancing
on stage. Has a on and off romance with
fellow Glee Club member Tina. Puck was on the football team
with Finn until they were both
forced to make a decison between
glee club and football. Puck got Quinn pregant
and wants to be apart of
the babies life and not be
a "deadbeat dad". Dosent want to commit
to a relationship because
he thinks its going to interfear
with his "look". loses his friendship with Finn
once he found out he was the
father of Quinn's baby. Released November 3, 2009 Released December 8, 2009 Released December 29, 2009 Lady Gaga also gave all the show
rights to all of her songs. Kristin played the lead singer
of Wills high school glee club.
Pilot episode aired on September 9, 2009.
Fox picked up the series for a full season on September 21,2009.
Glee aired its mid-season finally on December 9, 2009.
Returned for its finally 9 episodes on April 13, 2010 THE END
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