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ERP Case

No description

sagar Morakhia

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of ERP Case

ERP Case
Implementation in an SME: Havmor

Reasons to select ERP
16000+ dealers across Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra by 2009
100+ different flavors of ice cream in multiple packaging options
Swelling RM inventory
Geographically scattered Supply Chain, thus complex
Data redundancy
Lack of integration
Wastage of time in sourcing and collecting data
Two previous unsuccessful trials
Opting for ERP solution
Integration Partner: Innova system
Selected: SAP's solution for SMEs
Implementation Partner: CMC
WAN Connector: Tulip
Project cost: 1.5Cr
Completion time : 6 months (August 2009-February 2010)
100+ PCs
Most difficult part: requirement gathering, master data finalization
Mistakes came in a few days before go live date
IT team had consistently worked for 48 hours to solve the errors
Launch was smooth and successful
First 15 days were challenging: configuration issues
The Implementation was successful
Benefits to Havmor:
Determine daily requirement of ice cream
Determine daily requirement of each ingredient
Able to integrate different parlors and dealers on ERP
Streamlined and automated the processes
Got support for rapid changes in demand
Havmor: 69 years of Delicious Journey
Started in Karachi, 1944 as an ice cream shop
After partition tried to have unsuccessful ventures in cities like Dehradun and Indore, but later settled in Ahmedabad
Started at Kalupur Railway station in a small handcart
Propelled due to the motto: Acchai, Sachhai aur Safai
Today serves 160 + items at more than 20,000+ Outlets across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan
Still banks on the same principle of:
Goodness, Truthfulness and Cleanliness.
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