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No description

Gabriella Alvarez

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of GAYS

Personal and Public Issues On Same Sex Involvement.
Personal Issues
History of Homosexuality.
During the 1860's and 70's european administrators began noticing that people are more intrigued with sexual pleasure instead of family, working, and reproduction.
After W.W.2 Thousands of gay and lesbian people were discharged and left in city ports.
By 1953 President Eisenhower made homosexuality an executive order and found it nessecary to fire a person of homosexuality.
Throughout the 1970's many pushed for anti-discrimination laws, some were successful in a few cities.
Same Sex Orientation.
Gabriella Alvarez

Public Issues
Homophobia- an irrational fear of gay people.
Less job opportunities, and parenting/ relationship recognition are justified by stereotypes of homosexuality
HIV Pandemic
Celebrity Supporters
Via instagram " if you like it than you should be able to put a ring on it #wewilluniteformarriageequality"
Brad Pitt
Donated $8,000 to fighting preposition 8, the law that made same sex marriage illegal in California.
Kelly Osbourne
Guest Judge on " Repauls Drag Race" , campaigns heavily against preposition 8.
Miley Cyrus
Tattooed Equals sign on her middle finger in support of same sex marriage." not being able not marry the person you love makes me sick to my stomach"
Remain in denial due to the fear of rejection from society.
Prejudice effects their health and well being.
Isolation which may result in much more serious effects.
Depression from rejection of society.
Discrimination On Homosexuality
The following are all examples of discrimination on homosexuality.
Catholic school teacher allegedly fired after announcing he's gay.
Alleged " anti-gay" cab driver looses his permit
2008 study of 390 gays one in seven reported to live in fear of homophobic abuse
2010 study of 3134 young australians found that 61 percent received verbal abuse because of there sexuality, 18 percent received physical abuse because of their sexuality and 69 received other forms of homophobia discrimination.
Video On Discrimination.
Lesbian,gay,bisexual and transgender community
The center provides a place where people can share information and experiences and help shape our future.
The center was founded in 1983
LGBT community center in New York city provides health and wellness programs in a welcoming space.
LGBT Community
Tolerance For Gays
The 1970's and 1980's saw major gains in public tolerance.
Tolerance of gay people increased as the gay rights movement gained strength
More gays "came out of the closet" and annual gay pride pride parades became part of large city celebrations.
Hate Crimes
FBI reported that in 2008 approximately 17 percent of all hate crimes were due to sexual orientation bias, claiming more than 1,700 victims
Famous hate crime case is 1998's murder of university of Wyoming student Mathew Shepard.
Shepard asked 2 men for a ride home where they took him to a remote rural area and robbed him and pistol whipped him so severe they fractured his skull.
Stigma and Sanctions
During the cold war of the 1950's, communist hunter Joseph McCartney warned that homosexuals in the state department were threatening national security.
At that time discovery or even suspision as a homosexual could severly disrupt a persons life in any ocupation.
To most homosexuals, "passing" or carrying out their lives in such way as to appear heterosexual was crucial.
Basically social norms created " the closet" and forced homosexuals into it.
Celebrity Couples.
In the process of making Same Sex Marriage legal.
Controversy on whether people are born gay, choose to be gay or their childhood experiences led them to be gay.
As of July 17 2013 14 states made same sex marriage legal and 35 states oppose same sex marriage through laws or constitutional amendments
Many more supporters and groups accepting homosexuality
Present Day Homosexuality
AIDS Epidemic of the 1980's devastated the gay community.
A dramatic increase of in antigay hate crimes of arson, assault, and murder marked the 1990's
60 people who engage in same sex activity were kicked out of the military and 11,000 others have been discharged involuntarily.
Backlash Against Gays
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