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Period 2 - Crime Lab


Scott Bailey

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of Period 2 - Crime Lab

quick quiz
Group 1
1.What was the robber wearing?
2.How tall was the robber?
3.What did he look like?
4.What was his ethnicity?
5.Who was involved?
Group 2
1.What crime did you see?
2.What substance was being sold?
3.Describe the seller?
4.Describe the buyer?
5.Was anyone else involved?
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
1.What was the motive of the crime?
2.What was the assailant wearing?
3.What weapon was used by the assailant?
4.What happened after the assailant attacked the passenger?
5.What was the second attacker wearing?
1.Did the perpetrator have a weapon?
2.How tall was the suspect?
3.What crime was committed?
4.Was anyone injured or killed?
5.Who contacted the police?
1.How tall was the criminal?
2.What size shoe was the criminal wearing?
3.Did the criminal use a weapon?
4.What color hair did the criminal have?
5.Where did the robbery take place?
Crime Lab
Data Sheet
complete with a partner or individually using chapter one of our text
You are responsible for this information
Create Your Own Crime Lab: Decide from the information above what you believe to be the most important parts of a crime lab. The Dundalk Precinct has been given funding to build a new crime lab. They must choose 6 department/rooms. Design a floor plan for this crime lab. Be sure to include:
•Picture of the floor plan (6 rooms) with windows and doors shown.
•Determine which department needs more floor space and determine the locations for each department.
•On the back of the floor plan describe why you chose each department, and how you determined its size and location.
Due by Wednesday
Reviewing the Crimes
Answer the questions related to Wednesday's skits
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