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We beat the street by Jasmine Greve

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of We beat the street by Jasmine Greve

By Jasmine Greve We beat the street Sampson Is hardworking,cause he had to take a test and he
failed. Then he worked really hard to re-take the
test and he passed. George Is smart because, he had to take a
test and he passed. Ramek Very poor because, his mom uses the only money
they have for drugs and for Ramek to get an icee he had to steal it. All of them There dads a aren't in there lives.
They all get into trouble.
They wanted to become rappers. Things to know
about Sampson He has a brother named Andrew.
He broke his foot
He had a birthday party and his friends tried to get him to smoke but he didn't. Things to know
about Ramek He is very smart.
when he was yonger he was very close to his grandma. Things to know
about george He has braces.
Has a brother named Garland.
His teacher inspiered him to go to college. The three doctors Words to know are.... Scrooge- the old minister.
Retrospect-Suvery of the past time or event thinking of the past.
Lanky- Awkwardly long and thin. Ramek George Sampson why i like the book...
because it tells you not to give up on what you want to do even if you didn't make it the first time keep trying.
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