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Elias Sifuentes, Restaurateur

No description

Michael Romeo

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Elias Sifuentes, Restaurateur

Elias Sifuentes, Restaurateur
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Hold on, did it just say he went to work TWICE in one day?

Well, What does he do in the morning then?
What about when he comes back?
Twenty-eight employees? Wow, that a lot more than when Elias and his partner started!
What kinds of things do you think they depend on him for?

What does Elias think when he sees another Mexican restaurant with a line of people?
"We saw more traffic and we started putting money in our pockets."

How many of you know someone who has started their own business? Think about that person... Was it easy? Was it hard? How did they do it?
"Elias Sifuentes, Restaurteur" is one of many stories from a book called, All in a Day's Work: Twelve Americans Talk about Their jobs.
This is a true story about a working man in the United States.
Just like many other people, Elias Sifuentes came to the United States from another country for the "American Dream."

Wait... What is the American Dream?

"I do it all."
What does Elias do?
Where did he first start working?
Why did he stop working there?
So, him and his partner are going to start this restaurant...
"Let's get a place of our own! I'll do the cooking. You be the
front man
. What else do we need?"
A front man??? What is a font man?
Wait a minute...
No payday!
Where did Elias learn the things he needed to start a business?
What kinds of things did he learn about?
Even though he knows how to start a business, What is he worried about? (Hint: Think about where he came from and what language they speak.)
How is Elias conscious of his costumers?
Oh no... Someone complained...

What does Elias say costumers complain about?
How would you feel if you were Elias and you had costumers complaining to you?
Elias keeps talking about the customers. Why does he keep on doing this? Why are the customers so important to him?
Holy Cow!! Did you just hear about all that food he gets to taste?
What were some of those foods again?
"But if you don't have your heart in it, forget it."
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