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Hangman's Curse

A book talk about Hangman's Curse Written by Frank Peretti.

Emma Fletcher

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Hangman's Curse

Hangman's Curse Book Talk Written by Frank Peretti Warning For Those Who Can't Stand
Spiders DO NOT Watch This Video... Also Please Ignore The subtitles,
This was the only good video I could find. The book Hangman's Curse is about a school with a secret. The Hawk's wings burst open as it leaped off the bony shoulder. With head low and eyes crazed with killing, it came straight for Jim Boltz. The Legend of Abel Frye According to the schools legend Abel Frye is the ghost of a young man, a student who hung himself in the stairwell of the old school building in the 1930's. "Our present school building was built in place of the old one six years ago, and part of the building is sitting where the old building used to be... The kids have it all figured out. The ghost is still haunting the area where the kid hanged himself... They call it the FORBIDDEN HALLWAY! ... The more superstitious kids won't go near that hallway, and since these weird outbreaks, six students have asked for new locker assignments." THE FORBIDDEN HALLWAY 281 pages Published by Tommy Nelson in Nashville, Tenessee I chose this book because it teaches us a lesson. Many in fact, but mostly that everyone needs to be loved!
"They're precious because God made them, and they need friends they need love. Jesus never teased or hurt anyone, but He loved everybody, even the little and dumb and fat and ugly and weird, and if we all lived like that, then maybe terrible things like we've just seen wouldn't happen. The Main Characters There are three main characters that this book has. There names are Elisha, Elijah, and Ian. Elisha & Elijah Elisha and her brother Elijah are both christians. Their entire family (mom and dad) work with the police as undercover agents. The family gets called in to deal with the Abel Frye incidents at the school. Without Elisha and Elijah things could have turned out very badly for the entire school. Ian Ian is the cause of all the problems. The truth is he's just sick and tired of being bullied all the time. He takes drastic measures to stop the bullying and ends up harming the people that he never wanted to get hurt. Setting This story takes place in a small school in Baker Washington. Where a 'curse' has been making students very ill. PLOT SUMMERY Elisha & Elijah come to school. They start looking for clues as to what is really going on. The two siblings find out what is actually making the
jocks go crazy. Elisha becomes 'insane' as well. I can't tell you why because that would spoil the book. ??? ??? You could say that I have a connection with the character named Ian. Not that I would go get revenge on the person who bullied me but I do know what it's like to be bullied! It hurts A LOT, although he was not only hurting inside because of what they called him but he was hurting physically as well. After all who wouldn't feel pain after getting beaten up everyday? I understand his sadness and his hate, and sometimes those emotions can be really hard to keep in check. This novel was full of thrills, scares, and madness. But at the same time it was full of sadness. It made me want to cry thinking that kids do get bullied, every day, all the time. And if someone was angry enough, they would/ could do something this drastic. It's no different from a kid bringing a gun or a knife to school because they tired of getting beat up everyday. Excerpt Snyder was muttering something, What was it, a curse?
Leonard tried to shake off the fear, but it kept coming back. He tried to keep sanding his project, but his hands were getting weak and unsteady.
Some guy at the drafting table was talking in hushed tones with his buddies, talking about HIM, talking about Snyder, the geek, and then Leonard heard the name "...Abel Frye..."
He froze right there, his whole body shaking, glaring at his mockers, wanting to throw something, wanting to grab them, wanting to run. DON"T SAY THAT NAME! WAHT DO YOU WANT TO DO, BRING THE GHOST HERE?
They must have seen the fear in his eyes. Some looked afraid themselves, but some mocked him all the more. "What's the matter, Baynes? Afraid of ghosts?"
All he could do was curse them at the top of his voice.
They sent his cursing right back, getting a big kick out of the whole thing. My Rating I would give this book a 10 out of 10 rating. This is because not only did it have a good plot but it had a mystery to it. And also a very big twist! The books lesson was also very meaning full to me as a christian and as a human being. I also love Frank Peretti's writing style. I don't even remember reading the words out of the book, instead they play through my mind like in a movie! Thanks For Listening!!!
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