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No description

raul gonzalez

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of LeaderSHPE

LeaderSHPE through Adversity Chapter & Academics Workplace & Life Issues Within Chapters

1) No Interchapter Communication

2) Low Number of Active Members

3) Frail MemberSHPE Sustainability Workshop: Leading with Public Speaking with Director of Marketing and Public Realtions, Kelley Bozeman

*Ice Breaker
*Improv Speeches WORKSHOP: Increasing Member Involvement

*Freshmen Eboard
*Point Systems
Incentives such as scholarships
every person in SHPE chapter can have an active role
in one subcommittee or another
motivate non-Engineers to join SHPE because of the
chapter's strength in other specialties

What are other solutions to increase member participation?

Something to think about: Some chapters are too small for committees.
How would they increase participation?
Workshop: Overcoming Bad Scenarios in the Workplace

*Ford Human Resources Executive, Gerald Wminor
*A systematic approach to efficiency under pressure by a group of professionals
Result Workshop: Learning to Work with Personal Behavior

*MBTI personality assessment
*Improve inter-personal skills
*Situational group skits (what to do / what not to do)

WORKSHOP: Improving Through Communication

*Fernando Diaz of P&G presents tips for better communication skills
*SHPE 6 Blog/ Online Forum
*Recurring Presidential Roundatable


*Individual chapters assess their successes and failures
*Assessments presented to general group
*Hypothetical situations presented to chapters based
on their successes and failures
*Chapters resolve issues
Hypothetical: a chapter has never hosted a High school
visitation week. How can other chapters communicate
them to help them anticipate problems that will arise,
and best solutions

Academic issues
1) Grades Vs. SHPE… FIGHT! Students only focusing on one or another.
2) Were not staying in school
WORKSHOP: Time Management and Leadership

*OnStar's Director of Human Resources, Ovell Barbee
Remove conflict
Active participation is academic excellence
Tutoring/Mentoring Practicing Using Time Efficiency

*Give situation of multiple tasks to be completed and have groups organize a schedule accordingly Worst Case Scenario Activity

*Groups are given "worst-case scenarios"
*Must use STAR to resolve problems with given time limit
*Feedback given to individual groups by professionals BUDGET AGENDA
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