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CREATED BY:Quentin Murphy and Gustavo Alcantara-Silva

No description

Gustavo Alcantara-Silva

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of CREATED BY:Quentin Murphy and Gustavo Alcantara-Silva

Land/Sea Breeze
CREATED BY:Quentin & GustavO
Our goal is to let you guys know about the land and sea breeze.
Sea Breezes
The difference between land and sea breeze temperature at night is not as great as during the day. This means that land breezes are not as strong as sea breezes, but ships near the coast may notice them. These breezes also occur at the edge of a large lakes. These are known as lake breezes.
Land Breeze
What're We To Going Talk about
We are going to talk about land/sea breeze for y'all today , so enjoy.
Sea breezes are light winds that travel from the sea to the land. During the day, land warms up quickly in the Sun. The sea warms up more slowly. in the summer, the difference between the temperature of the land and sea can be large. This causes the air to move in a large cycle.
Land breezes are the opposite of sea breeze. At night, the the land cools down quite quickly compared to sea. The air above the sea is warmer than that over that over the land,and it rises, creating an area of low air pressure. This causes a breeze from the land to the sea.
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