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PDC presentation

No description

Megan Yockey

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of PDC presentation

Event Planning by
Megan Yockey
Director of Discover Sycamore Find someone who is where you
want to be in 5 years Set up a meeting & let them
know your intersted in their field VOLUNTEER!
Reader =
Great Ideas! Know the
Industry Your
After Find Ways to Stand out
Brand yourself
What you can do now

To get a head & survive
in the industry
Connecting Local Businesses
To the Community
....and Beyond! We do this Through
Tourism Summer on State Farmers Markets Discover Sycamore's Block Party Chocolate Weekend Walk With Santa Sycamore's Cinco De Mayo Ladies Night Out Cruise Night Kites over Sycamore Turning Back Time Weekend Treasures from the Attic Downtown Trick or Treat Lights Trolley Pumpkin Fest 10k FAM tours
Group Tour Development Tourism Consulting Calender of Events Coordination Parnters with the with DeKalb Area CVB IBOT, NIDTO, USTA MArketing coordination for members New Media Consulting Tourism Web Development Shop Local Campaigns Marketing Research Graphic Design Radio interviews monthly Members Grants Sponsorships Event REvenue Discover Tourism marketing The City of Sycamore Discover Sycamore Board of Directors
has 13 positions
6 positions on the executive committee
Currently 85 member businesses Discoversycamore.com
Facebook: Discover Sycamore
Fan Page: Discover Sycamore
Sycamore, Illinois
Twitter: DiscoverSyc
Blog: Discoversycamore.wordpress.com
Flicker: Discover Sycamore
Youtube: youtube.com/DiscoverSycamore What can you be Doing Now? Get Involved! is a club on campus planning the
type of events you want to get into? Are you a member of SCRTS? Other clubs, groups & organizations hold all types of events! Are you on committees?
Like the PDC COmmittee? Is your part time job in the field? ANY EXPERIENCE YOU
CAN GET IS VALUABLE! What is your Minor? Classes you should be taking Marketing
Graphic Design
Public relations
FCS Classes (outside of RPTA Classes) JOB SHADOWING!
This is a great way to meet people
in the industry without the awkwardness
of an interview! Get your foot in the door in multiple places.
Private event company, wedding planner,
non-profit, Municipality, Community events etc. Subscribe! Industry e-newsletters & industry magazines
Attend! Conferences whenever possiable JOIN! Industry organizations: IFEA, ISES, IWPP and more
Check the CIC Website TALK! Tell people that you are interested in a career in Events!
You never know who can get you a Job! OBSERVE! The next wedding or event you are at pay attention! The bar can wait, talk to the planner, catering coordinater, volunteers etc. Software You Should Know: Adobe Programs-Illustrator
Prezi (this)
Facebook fan pages, ads etc.
Google-docs, Igoogle, googlemaps and google adwords
Blogger or Wordpress It is better to under promise
and over serve,
rather than the other way around
....trust me! You may be the best in your
office on computers.
but don't ever forget your
the least experiened
in real life. SPELL CHECK IS NOT
Family and Friends
are off limits for your
volunteer sheet. DONT sell your major-related
text books.
The $20 you make off of them is not worth it. Unless your job is planning your own personal events,
You No Longer Exist. Your Sponsors, volunteers and clients
are responsible for GOOD every aspect
of your event. ....but you will be blamed for the bad stuff. When a reporter asks you if they can tape your conversation...it is not an option. and NOTHING you say will be omitted....seriously....if you say you
will have a blow up animals instead of
balloon animals and they print it, you
will be looking for blow up animals. Just because you got a job
does not mean you should stop learning. People should expect great things from you,
not reward them. If everyone loves you,
your not doing your job. Enjoy it! Remember, this job is fun! There are jobs out there! Be Original, not annoying Network! Watch your online reptation It is an insanely Small world If you have any questions
Please Feel free to email me : )

MYockey@sycamorechamber.com Commit to something that has
nothing to do with work
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